Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The American people are not protected by their government

--neither by their Congress nor their President

It's everyone for him/her-self. And may the devil take the hindmost!

While the mental dwarf in the White House enjoys his Iftar feasts, solemnly repeating "Iftar Mubarak," like the IQ-impaired nincompoop that he is, and the Empire State Building in NYC is lit up green in honor of the moon-struck hordes.

. . . and the U. S. Ambassador to Saudi lauds the House of Representatives for recognizing Ramadam and Moslems everywhere . . .

His bread's buttered same side as the Iftar celebrant's in D.C.

Something's got to give. 'Less it does, I'll be humming the old Warren Zevon song--I only remember the lyrics in patches:

Now I'm hiding in hm hm hm hm

I'm a desperate man

Send hm hm, guns and money

The shit has hit the fan

--Warren Zevon

It can't go on like this. There's something happening. It ain't good, but it's not as bad as it could be, should we do nothing. What's coming? It already started.

What will happen?

I am not predicting a civil war in America; but neither do I hold that this is not possible. Is it probable? I hope not. I do not want a civil war in the United States. I do not want any war. What I want, however, and what happens do not always coincide. We have a war. Islamic jihadists are trying to destroy us.

The Islamics want to bring down America. So does the American Left--the America-haters, the disparagers of our culture, the multiculturalists who bleat "Racism!" when the pro-Americans warn about the danger of Islam in America.

Who will win? Will America be brought down by the Islamic-Leftist coalition? Remember, the Leftists care not whether the U.S. Constitution is abrogated and Shariah law is established. As long as America ceases to exist, they will be happy. They have not given much thought about what will happen to them once their Islamic allies are victorious. Unless they convert ("revert" as the islamics would have it) to Islam, they will either be allowed to live as "cows to be milked" by the Islamics via heavy taxes, or they will be eliminated.

So, we have the two factions. This is more than political polarization. The pro-Americans will not go quietly into the Islamic nightmare. The Left and its Islamic jihadist allies is just as determined to win.



Is it coming? Should it come?

Throw the bums out! Our "leaders" are not leading nor protecting the American people. It is time for the people to take the leadership away from the self-serving elitists in charge of this country.

How? By the vote?* By badgering our currently elected officials (not much hope there), by peaceful demonstrations (any other kind will reflect badly on the effort).

*Whom to vote for? Both sides appear equally ineffectual, looking out for themselves by looking out for special interests that contribute to their campaign finances.

First item to look for--if we want this country to remain American and not turn Islamic--is attitude towards the "terrorists" (read Islamic jihadists).

Good record on being anti-"terrorist" by actions as well as rhetoric--fairly good is probably the best we can expect as shrieks of Racism! Bigotry! and the tried and tested "Islamophobia!" put the brakes on any outspoken labeling Islam as the culprit responsible for the jihad against us. No politician dares risk being taken to task for attacking a "religion" (which it is NOT!).

Research any candidates-thoroughly. Watch what they have said, what they have done, to defend us against "terrorism" (Islam) in the past.

What else?

Watch to see whether any new uncontaminated blood (political candidates) rises and offers us a better leadership than we have now. (Forget about Obama as being "uncontaminated." look at who supports him--and in what direction these supporters would have the country go.)

Is there any hope for CHANGE in the near future? Stay tuned. If the enemy attacks--significantly--watch for a change (perhaps).

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