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" . . . whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender . . . . "

--Winston Churchill
"We Shall Fight on the Beaches"June 4, 1940
House of Commons

We Must Make Them Fear Us Again

Unfortunately what "us," that is "we," do on the world stage is controlled by our government. That is, we cannot go out and do what should be done, what must be done to keep our country, to keep it from becoming Islamic. Our present leaders and those on the horizon are either in bed with the enemy, confused, ignorant, or pretending to be, as they are in bed with the enemy, or pandering to whomever they believe can get them elected--to remain in power.

So, how to make them (our enemies) afraid of us? When our Bush government invaded Iraq, lightning fast, superb generalship, no dilly-dallying, Iran and Syria were afraid. When they saw that Americans could be killed with impunity, that is without unleashing such an overwhelming and horrific response that would make the populace think twice before letting the jihadist, bathists, and other guerrillas "swim" amongst them, they stopped being afraid of us.

We are a paper tiger. No one is afraid of a military that is not allowed to fight without restraint.

Our government hesitates to identify our enemies. This is because of personal and business connections with some of these enemies. Many in or around (advising) our government are on the payroll of the enemies of the American people.

As visas are given freely to those who would subjugate us, one way or another, more and more concessions are made to the demands of those with allegiance to a foreign and un-American ideology, and no one dares say or do anything for fear of lawsuits or retaliation by the enemies inside our borders.

Susanp of Jihad Watch has said much better than I could ever say it:


The ruling elites, many of whom are agnostics or atheists, do not grasp the concept of political religions. That is why they cannot name the enemy; they haven't discovered the enemy. They have eliminated islam as a potential enemy because islam is just a religion. How could a religion pose a political threat? They see the evidence every day but they reject it because it does not compute, it does not meet the stereotypical criteria. Holy wars are ancient historical relics; people don't fight holy wars in the 21st century. Our multiculti, utopian leaders are obtuse, unimaginative, devoid of curiosity, completely uninterested in unconventional ideas and advice, ignorant of history, and utterly convinced that all religions and people are basically the same. They project Western values and morality on islam and muslims, oblivious to the obvious -- islam is the polar opposite of Western Civilization and Western philosophical thought. If any of them understood islam, they would have seen the futility of "democratizing" the Middle East and saved thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

Even if Bush, Blair, and the ivory tower elites in the EU woke up tomorrow and realized what we already know, they couldn't name islam as the enemy. It's too late for Europe to do that; there are too many muslims in Europe. The U.S. could do it, but the cowards in our government never will.

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Posted by: Susanp on December 8, 2006 12:48 AM



We have to plan how to take our country back. Our elites have sold out to our enemies.

Who will fight and who will submit?

It takes guts to do what has to be done. The peace-at-any-price crowd does not have what it takes. They would rather feel the pain of the enemy than take a stand.

There is hope though.

Here's what a Texan has to say about all this:

"They[Europeans. ed] try to integrate with Muslims, they are accepting terrorism and bowing down to the sheiks." Yep, they are trying to intergrate WITH the Muslims, instead of the other way around. You know, the time honored way, where the immigrants intergrate WITH the inhabitants of the country that they migrate TO. Another clue: "You are the same flesh and blood they are - today's Germans are no more and no less capable of genocide than you or I." Yea, we all are from the same blood, but as you know the human race as a whole is a murderous, barbaric bunch. It always has been. Its not any different today, its the same blood. The culture in different areas of the world dictate how thick the membrane is between the barbarian and the civilized person. Or how he reacts to danger. Does he call the police, or does he pick up a gun and confront the danger? Even here in these somewhat United States, the culture differences are easy to spot. If you have been around this Republic or have put some study into it, you will know that Americans as a whole are made up of many cultures, but because of their "Americanization" (is that a word?) they are not like your average [e]uropean (old or new). When you cross over into the south and southwest of this Republic, you have no trouble seeing that these people are really friendly. But if you study people, like some do, you might pick up on something else. "These" people are survivors, the membrane that seperates them from the barbarians is thin, thinner than in other parts of this Republic and much thinner than some parts of the world. So, yes, some Americans are more capable of genocide than other Americans and Germans. Where I live, the most important thing is survival of the family, our children and our women. Nothing is higher than that except God. Our country comes right after our family and way before our lives. Yep, we are willig to die for our country and for our families, but we don't intend to. We intend to make the Islamics die for their Allah. They seem to want to get there so fast, we will be glad to send them.

Papa Ray, West Texas, USA


With the enemies inside our borders,

We must make them fear us.

". . . we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end . . . we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength . . . , we shall defend our . . .land, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."

---Winston Churchill

And they are afraid, don't you think that they are not. That is why they whine and cry for sympathy. You know what they fear? Backlash. The time is nigh. We will not fold.

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