Friday, February 8, 2008


from Then najistani said:

Continued criticism and ridicule of Islam and its perverted founder are essential if we are ever going to eradicate this loathsome meme, or at least reduce it to manageable proportions

Unlike real religions, Islam is an all-or-nothing cult, there is no room for individual conscience or interpretation, or for give and take with other religions (except when we give and they take).
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from Beating your meat and eating Zebras:

Try a dive into the minds of madness. The Green Arrow has been forced to learn more about the Cult of the Dead Paedophile called Islam and found it to be full of insanity or some dead guys idea of how far he could push a joke after his death.

So brain washed are the followers of this cult, that they are literally unable or allowed to think for themselves. Every part of their life is controlled by the words of an illiterate madman who died centuries ago and interpreted by sexually repressed, so called Scholars today.
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Moslem Jokes - Lets have them please



You don't have to. Still, they saw and still see what is coming for the UK--no matter whether you approve of them or not:

The BNP told you the path that Islam would take in this country. They said, that first the colonisers would come, secure their landing grounds by turning them into no go areas and then expand ever outwards. Like dandelions spreading their seeds over a field.

The BNP said that once these areas were secured. The symbols of their control would become more obvious. The Mosques would be built and their minarets dominate the sky line. Soon from these minarets will come the sounds of their success as they call the slaves of the Dead Paedophile to worship a steaming pile of crap. This is not new news.

And the BNP told you what happens next. Within the host country that they feed off
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COMMENT by Leslie White:

Yes, I know the BNP and the Green Arrow are not to everyone of our tastes. They are, however, staunchly against the Islamization of the UK. If a choice must be made between letting the Islamization proceed unopposed or recognizing that the BNP and the rest of us anti-jihadists are on the same side, fighting the same battle, would we rather side with those who despise us for being kufar or with those who are the only ones brave enough to stand up to the hordes that want to create the Islamic Isles of Great Britain?

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  1. Well I guess I have to go with the Green Arrow, but then I might be a tad prejudiced seeing as thats me:)

  2. That makes two of us, but I'm sure that there are more that share our sentiment.