Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Looks as if we have Islamic illegitimates (and their supporters) all over the place in OUR country.

We must never forget WHO let them in here--who encouraged them, who allowed Saudi "students" to come over here and assume the persona of "Westernized Moslem Arabs" so that they could be used to fly planes into the WTC.

Our government is foul with appeasers of Islam and its adherents. Our universities, colleges, and schools--public and private Moslem--are spreading the propaganda of Saudi-financed Islam.

Whether citizens or not, a Moslem is a Moslem is a Moslem. Unless he renounces the ideology of Islamic supremacy, he cannot be a "fellow citizen." He remains an undercover enemy of freedom.

We do need laws passed to define the followers of Islam as enemy aliens, with the stress on "enemy."

Right now, it looks pretty grim. We have no one in positions of sufficient influence in our government to make a difference. The presidential candidates on the Democrat side are hopeless as far as doing what must be done. The Republican is a big question mark.

Governmental agencies and the Departments (including the sensitive DOD) are rife with Islamics and their fellow travellers, many in the pay of the arch villains of this farce: the Saudis.

Change (that word has lost its meaning being used too often by those who want it for the worse) must come from the grass roots--not from the power elite.

A ground swell must arise from a populace that has become aware that it has been sold a bill of goods, that its malaise stems from Islamic attempts to destroy our economy. (Saudis will not increase oil production, although Bush begged them to.)

Case in point: amnesty for illegals in the country. The power elite wanted it, the populace did not. Pressure was applied and, as we still have the vote, those in power backed off.

Education of more of the populace is necessary (you'd be surprised how many people are already savvy to what's going on with catering to Moslems by the government).

Yes, there are still the so-called "liberals" that see Islam as just another religion or those who know "nice" Moslems.

When the % of moslems in the country reaches the point where they really start chomping at the bit and demanding everything, more of our people will join us.

What will happen eventually is up to us--no one else. We cannot depend on government.

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