Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sharia--Islamic Law is being imposed on us.

Just Keep Your Mouth Shut--If not, you'll get hurt . . . or dead" is the message sent out by Moslems, "moderate" and those straining at their leashes to kill us.

Should we take it? Or should we say, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any more?"
In his article "Submit or Die,"Clifford D. May says "[Moslem] Protesters are laying down the law.

"[They are] not asking for mutual respect and equality. They are not saying: 'It’s wrong to speak ill of a religion.' They are saying: 'It’s wrong to speak ill of our religion.' They are not standing up for a principle. They are laying down the law. They are making it as clear as they can that they will not tolerate 'infidels' criticizing Muslims. They also are making it clear that infidels should expect criticism — and much worse — from Muslims.

"They are attempting nothing less than the establishment of a new world order in which the supremacy of what they call the Nation of Islam is acknowledged, and 'unbelievers' submit — or die. Call it an offer you can’t refuse."

http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=M2M1MTFkMTZlOWVjMzFjZjUwOTFjMDU2ZDg1OWYwMTM= :

[Daniel Pipes writes about a 1952 novel] . . . which contains passages no less blasphemous than those in [Salman Rushdie's] The Satanic Verses. [the author] has the would-be Hollywood producer of a film about the Prophet Muhammad vent his views:

Mohammed struck me as a kind of a gamey figure for a religious leader, I mean for a man God spoke to personally. I didn’t know what to make of him really, sort of a blend of Saint Teresa of Avila, Jane Addams of Hull House, William the Conqueror, and Casanova. . . . When he has his midlife crisis Mohammed gets the Call, and has visions, and goes into a trance and Allah dictates all these Suras [chapters] to him, which together make up the Koran. And either Mohammed is plagiarizing the Bible like mad and is a hysterical plagiarist or it’s one hell of a coincidence. . . . He’s always praying to Allah for guidance and if Mohammed really wants something bad enough you get the impression Allah is going to tell him it’s okay. I mean Allah can’t seem to say no to him. [Richard Grenier, The Marrakesh One-Two (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1983), pp. 5-7. The movie Ishtar is loosely based on the story in The Marrakesh One-Two.]

We live in a free society, the First Amendment to the Constitution declares the Congress shall make no law abrogating free speech. If the United States Congress is prohibited from taking away our right to free speech, what law do Moslems think supersedes the laws of the United States? [ed. note: "Not yet, Ibrahim Cooper, not yet. Not ever. There are millions of non-Islamic Americans that will see that it will never be sharia that replaces the Constitution. If you whine about "islamophobia" now and about "discrimination" against Msolems, you ain't seen nothing yet, if push comes to shove. That ain't a threat. It's a promise.]

If Moslems want to live under sharia--Moslem law--then let them go and live in countries under Moslem government.

There is even a Fatwa issued to that effect:

It's been translated into German. Briefly, this Moslem guy is a "missionary" for Islam--a peddler of da'wa, seeking converts for Allah and his "messenger," Mohammed. He asks one of these Isamic clerics," How should I deport myself, here in America? I believe America will soon be Islamic country because of huge number of mosques all over this land. Should I stay or should I go?

Answer from Dr. Abdul Hay Yussef, in the form of a fatwa (a religious lawful edict declared by an Islamic cleric of high standing):

America is in the "House of War,"(arab. bait al-harb). It has hurt Moslems all over the world. Moslems are not allowed to live there, if you get the chance, get out of there. "Allah's prophet" [sic] says "I don't know any Moslem who lives in the land of the polytheists."

America is not an Islamic land. You neither hear the call of the muezzin to the faithful for prayer norare Friday and the Islamic holidays officially celebrated. Sharia (Islamic law) is not the law of the land. When your studies are finished, see to it that you leave that land for a Moslem land as soon as you can.

To which I hasten to add for the benefit of this guy and any other Moslems "And don't let the door hit you in the ass."

Fatwa (Rechtsgutachten) von Dr. Abdul Hay Yussef
Ich bin ein Propagandist für den Islam (arab. Da'ia; ein "Missionar"; IFI). Ich glaube, Amerika wird aufgrund er großen Zahl an Moscheen überall im Land auch bald ein islamisches Land werden. Wie soll ich mich verhalten?"

Antwort: "Amerika ist Kriegsgebiet. Es hat Muslimen in der ganzen Welt Schaden zugefügt. Daher gehört es zum "Haus des Krieges" (arab. bait al-harb). Muslime dürfen dort nicht leben, wenn sie die Möglichkeit haben, auszuwandern (Sure 4, 97). Allahs Prophet sagte in der Überlieferung:

'Ich kenne keinen Muslim, der im Land der Polytheisten lebt.'

Amerika ist kein islamisches Land. Man hört dort keinen Ruf zum Gebet, und man erkennt den Freitag und die (muslimischen) Feiertage nicht an. Die islamischen Riten werden nicht in der Öffentlichkeit praktiziert. Wenn Sie z. B. ein Problem mit Ihrer Ehefrau haben, wird Ihr Fall nicht nach dem Gesetz des Islams und dem Koran beurteilt ... Wenn Sie Ihr Studium beendet haben, sehen Sie zu, dieses Land so schnell wie möglich zu verlassen und in ein muslimisches Land auszuwandern."



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