Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Islam and Muslim

Is there a difference?

"Some people are prone to confuse Islam with its victims, that is, the Muslims, and condemn the latter at the same time as they come to know the crudities of the former. This is a very serious confusion, which should be avoided by all those who believe in building up a broad-based human brotherhood as opposed to narrow, sectarian, self-centred, and chauvinistic nationalism or communalism. Let there be no doubt that an average Muslim is as good or bad a human being as an average Hindu or, for that matter, any average person belonging to any race, religion, or culture. What concerns us here is the worth of Islam as an ideology, and not the worth of Muslims as human beings.
-- Sita Ram Goel

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That does not mean Moslems get a free pass--to terrorize, convert, or conquer us. Islam does not float around the ether. It exists only in the minds of men and women. Any Moslem that has Islam on his mind and threatens us, is an enemy.

And our intent is not to die for our country, but to make you sons-of-bitches die for yours.
--[Paraphrased from George Patton, General, U.S. Army.]

(If Islam, your ummah, is your "country," and you want to kill us, then this applies to YOU.)

[Reprinted from a post published on Monday, June 18, 2007 at the now-censored* Islamic Danger blog at which admonishes all who dare to attack the ideology erroneously referred to as a "religion" thusly: *"This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is currently visible to authors only." - Leslie White]

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