Sunday, March 23, 2008


Who are these despicable useless creatures?

The "Islamic Danger" blog that you are looking at is a descendant prior "Islamic Danger" clubs and groups* to warn the West against the danger of Islamic infiltration into its lands with the aim of subjugation of free people. The goal of the Islamics, as it has been since the early days of desert brigandry under Mohammed, is to have a subjugated heavily-taxed population that the Mohammedans could then milk and live off.

The predilection for Islamics to live off the work of others is a fact that can be seen in the EU welfare states where they rushed for "asylum." Conquest by demographics is a fact of Islamic striving to conquer the free world. Their abhorrence of work can be seen from the Saudi penchant for having an oppressed and sexually brutalized foreign "underclass" do manual labor in lieu of the usual Christian and other non-Moslem slaves that have been used by Mohammedans for the past 13 centuries(1).

1. . . . [Donald Rumsfeld] observed that oil billions have shielded [Moslems] "from the reality of the work, effort and investment that leads to wealth for the rest of the world. Too often Muslims are against physical labor, so they bring in Koreans and Pakistanis[**] while their young people remain unemployed. An unemployed population is easy to recruit to radicalism.”
--Donald Rumsfeld

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Saudi Arabia is hub of world terror: The desert kingdom supplies the cash and the killers
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[**] Not to forget Filipinos and Filipinas

an Islamic Danger blog post "AGAINST THE JIHAD" of which this post here is part.

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