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America's First anti-Jihadist Comic Book Hero: Matamoros
April 5, 2008
comment by Jerry Gordon

don't know how I missed this one, last month, but this is a corker. Here is America's first anti-Jihadist comic book developed by Darius La Monica being interviewed by Jamie Glazov, editor of FrontPageMagazine.

The title Matamoros, as La Monica explains, is derived from a revered Spanish Saint, Santiago de Matamoros, Saint James the Moor Slayer.
La Monica explains the comic book hero and plot:

"Matamoros" follows an American NCO, Charles Sobietti, who is wounded in the war, undergoes an experimental medical procedure to recover, returns home to New York to recuperate and then discovers a radical Islamic terror cell in Queens. We put Sobietti in New York because radical Islam has been there for quite a while. The blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman reached New York mosques in 1990 and currently a radical group called the Islamic Thinkers Society is located in Queens. This group is believed to be an offshoot of the UK's al Mahajiroun, the radical group that is now banned by the British government. And of course we all know what radical Islam did to New York in 2001.

They're completing missing the point of the title, which is to show that we've got to get inside the heads of today's jihadists to determine their motivation for attempting to restart a global jihad. These creeps are already talking about the "tragedy of Andalusia (Muslim Spain)" and how they want it back. And they're not basing these threats on some "root cause" of poverty - they're basing it on their notion that they have a religious duty to re-conquer any areas that once were held by the Caliphate. This is the same basis for their desire to conquer Israel and the people in Spain who voted Jose Aznar out of office had better realize that if Israel falls to radical Islam, Spain is going to be the next country in the jihadists' crosshairs.

Looks like La Monica, Matamoros and Sgt. Sobietti should be on the ACT [YOUR]reading list, don't you?
By Jamie

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About Matamoros

Chuck Sobietti was a seventeen-year veteran of the U.S. military. He’d seen it all - Gulf War I, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan - but nothing in his experience could prepare him for one fateful day in Iraq and its aftermath.

Part political thriller, part war story, and part “classic” action comic book, Matamoros follows one of America’s heroes in the “Long War” - an ordinary guy who discovers that only extraordinary situations exist when the enemy is a protean entity which refuses to adhere to the laws of war or the laws of civilized nations.

Written by Sleet and Darius LaMonica, and illustrated by John Cox of the Cox & Forkum political cartoon team, Matamoros is the first comic book focusing on the U.S. military’s fight against radical Islamists.

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