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Why he (the self-dubbed "Prophet") wouldn't have any of it--couldn't handle it, because the pieced-together making-no-sense-when-taken-as-a-whole, disjointed, recorded babblings of a sometimes lucid, sometimes looney Arab of no particular merit, until he stumbled onto a plan--to justify rape, robbery, and murder for all who believed he was hearing a god speaking to him and making him the supreme

Why this rage when critiqued, mocked, or insulted?

because the only answer there is when questioned, the only answer in the Mohammed's ghost's words possible is "Because I said so."

Spain under Moslem rule
in the GoldenAge when
Christians and Mohammedans all got along
Pre-Reconquista--Moorish Spain
St Perfectus
18 April 850 A.D.

The first martyr of this age was the aptly-named priest Perfectus, who served at the basilica of St Acisclus, just outside the city walls of Cordoba. One day on his way to market he was stopped by a group of Muslims. Seeing that he was a priest, they asked him to explain his faith and to share with them his opinions about Christ and Muhammad. Fearing that he would only provoke his audience, Fr Perfectus declined. But when the Muslims swore to protect him, he proceeded, in Arabic, to denounce Muhammad as one of the false prophets foretold by Christ and as a moral reprobate who had seduced the wife of his kinsman.

Though angered, the Muslims respected their oaths and let Fr Perfectus go on his way. But a few days later the priest ran into some of the same group, who no longer felt constrained by their earlier promise. Seizing him, they took him before the magistrate and testified that he had disparaged Muhammad. As they led him to prison to wait out Ramadan, he realized that his fate was sealed and he repeat his denunciation of Islam. On Easter Sunday, 18 April 850, Fr Perfectus was beheaded before the crowds that had gathered to celebrate the end of their fast.
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