Tuesday, April 15, 2008


. . . the Prophet needed a proxy disguised as god who would echo precisely, though in a pompous language, the personal proclivities of the Prophet in every situation, domestic as well as public, which the Prophet had to face. This conclusion is confirmed by a reading of the Quran in a chronological order**, side by side with the orthodox biographies of the Prophet. The close correspondence between what the Prophet was planning or pining for in his normal moments, and what was revealed to him in a state of wahy***that followed soon after, is quite striking. The chronological confusion in the compilation of the Quran has helped a good deal to hide this correspondence.
*in this own image!

** http://www.challenging-islam.org/contributors/ethelred/rev-chron-koran.htm

***also wahi (italics mine, lw)
wahi or Quranic trance
"Wahi: the Supernatural Basis of Islam"

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