Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lies and Dissimulation of Moslems - The Principle of Taqiyya


"Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah"

Excerpts from
an article by Warner MacKenzie
at Islam Watch - Telling the Truth About Islam

Lying and cheating in the Arab world is not really a moral matter but a method of safeguarding honor and status, avoiding shame, and at all times exploiting possibilities, for those with the wits for it, deftly and expeditiously to convert shame into honor on their own account and vice versa for their opponents. If honor so demands, lies and cheating may become absolute imperatives." [David Pryce-Jones, "The Closed Circle" An interpretation of the Arabs, p4]

"No dishonor attaches to such primary transactions as selling short weight, deceiving anyone about quality, quantity or kind of goods, cheating at gambling, and bearing false witness. The doer of these things is merely quicker off the mark than the next fellow; owing him nothing, he is not to be blamed for taking what he can." [David Pryce-Jones, "The Closed Circle", p38]

The word "Taqiyya" literally means: "Concealing, precaution, guarding." It is employed in disguising one's beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralising any criticism of Islam or Muslims.

"That her father (Abu Bakr) never broke his oath till Allah revealed the order of the legal expiation for oath. Abu Bakr said, "If I ever take an oath (to do something) and later find that to do something else is better, then I accept Allah's permission and do that which is better, (and do the legal expiation for my oath ) ".
Bukhari Vol 6: 138 Narrated Aisha

So, next time that you feel sorry for the poor persecuted Moslem who brays out his innocence remember,

There’s a common and oft repeated lie that "Islam" means peace", it doesn’t, it translates as "submission" (to Allah).

Islamic falsehoods are echoed uncritically by Western politicians and other apologist dupes, for example "A small group of fundamentalists have hijacked a great and noble religion". This timely, skilful, misleading and diversionary theme of the 'hijacking' of Islam was introduced into public, political and media discourse by an Islamic 'spokesman' in the United States shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and has become an "accepted fact" repeated, ad nauseum, ever since.

The "Islam has been hijacked" myth is now a clichéd media and political reference which serves to deflect attention from the empirical proof of a fourteen hundred year continuity of the doctrinal, political and religious nature of Islamic jihad.

"Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah"
by Warner MacKenzie

Read it all! Forewarned is forearmed. (Those who know that something is coming are better prepared to face it than those who do not know.)



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