Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Alliance of the Left with Islam" and "Immigration is the Trojan Horse" in Oriana Fallaci's The Force of Reason

from Lionheart: Oriana Fallaci - The Force of Reason:

. . . some unanswered questions regarding the paradoxical alliance of the Left with Islam. The Left, and here Fallaci means Marxism, is steeped in dogmatism. By purveying its ideology as the one and only path to salvation, the Left resembles a religious creed . Like Islam, the Left is totalitarian.

It divides the world into the Good and the Bad, into comrades and infidel- dogs. And Like Islam, the Left never acknowledges its faults or errors.

Notice how the Left in Israel never acknowledges the monumental blunder of Oslo despite its disastrous consequences. (Fallaci might also have added that both the Left and Islam disdain the nation state or nationalism.)

In his tract, The Jewish Question, Marx displays a venomous hatred of Jewish particularism, resurrected in the Left's hatred of Zionism & Israel. Finally, the Left in Europe no longer has the Soviet Union to chart its course. Nor can it champion Europe's almost non-existent proletariat. And so, as our brilliant Oriana has discerned, the Left has turned its vaunted humanitarianism to the impoverished Third World, above all to
Islamdom .

Fallaci concludes with three warnings. First, it's a mistake to believe that Islamic terrorism is the main weapon of the war Muslims have declared on us. Terrorism is only the bloodiest and most barbarous aspect of this war. The most pernicious and catastrophic aspect is the religious war, beginning with immigration. Immigration, not terrorism, she says, is the Trojan Horse that has penetrated and transformed Europe into Eurabia. Citing Bernard Lewis, she warns that by 2100, the whole of Europe will be numerically dominated by Muslims .


Read it all! Please! Before it is too late!
Lionheart: Oriana Fallaci - The Force of Reason

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