Friday, August 22, 2008

Fighting Islam - A War for Sergeants

quoting Old Atlantic Lighthouse

Show me a sergeant who finds the enemy and a general who denies it and I will show you an army that wants defeat against its real enemies. The sergeant is telling the brass the truth about Islam and the brass is lying to itself. That is what the French brass did in World War I. The result was death in the trenches. France fell on the inside because its generals didn’t listen to what sergeants told them from the front lines.

The generals and politicians who kiss the Koran are fighting from the rear in a war of ideas. They imagine the battlefield and then give orders that make no sense. In the battle of the 21st century, the Koran shows the face of the enemy. That is where the battle is.

Sergeants learn this from experience. Generals deny it from a false PC theory of war that is a prescription for defeat. These generals can win battles on the battlefield up to the last one, which they will lose because they ignored what the sergeants told them about the Koran by shooting it. The Koran is the enemy and must be destroyed completely.

[Caveat by Old Atlantic Lighthouse]

The above is a spoof and in no way represents the views of the U.S. military, George W. Bush or the PC-perverted belief system known as Islam is the Religion of Peace.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse
(Patton Kicks Ass of Koran Kissing General Spoof)

COMMENT by lw:

This is "A Time for Sergeants"

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