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or how a new Cold War can be taken advantage of by the Islamic drive to conquer, subdue, and subjugate us by any strategy and its tactics--terror and stealth--immigration into our lands by Moslems, and using our legal systems to first castrate and then give the "rights" of sharia to the masses of Moslems in our countries (see the UK, Canada, Holland, Sweden Norway, etc.) first, and gradually make our financial institutions, corporations, and governments operate under this law.

Ironically, the former (and apparently future) Soviet Union, the so-called Russia or "Russian Federation" is the target of the same jihad as we are in the West--not to forget little Israel, the biggest "baddest" target of the world-wide jihad. In the rest of the "East," there are the Philippines, Thailand, India, Nepal, and even giant China that are on the list of nations to be conquered --by stealth (immigration), terror, or by incursions of "the armies of Mohammed," either as internal clandestine groups, covert groups with legal cover (CAIR, Moslem charities, Moslem "anti-discrimination" groups, and all the Moslem organizations operating overtly in our country), or by jihadist on planes, trains, and motor-transports on our highways, byways and shady lanes.

By having the U.S. and Russia at odds over Georgia, the jihadists have accomplished one of the goals as set by the Boydian OODA loop--Observe-Orient-Decide-Act--tactic, that maintains that "there [is] something beyond the Perfect Sword . . . . Because as Sun Tzu pointed out, there is a level of warrior satori beyond even that. Beyond them both lay Swordlessness." (see Bill Whittle's eject! eject! eject! )

According to Sun Tzu, " The greatest achievement is to win without fighting. . . through non-violent methods to disrupt the enemy's alliance system." (Handel, p.22, see References)

This, has been and is being accomplished by the Islamic jihad via Iran, which is an adversary of the U.S. and a client of the Russians. Although both, the U.S. and Russia (intermittently), are being attacked by and fighting the same enemy, viz. Islam on jihad, which should make them obvious allies in this struggle, they are not, because they are at odds (mainly for economic and political reasons,) which benefits their common enemy, Islam on jihad.

"Sun Tzu (The Art of War) . . . . recommends the disruption of the enemy's alliances." (Handel p. 33). Handel then cites Tu Yu: "Do not allow your enemies to get together," and Wang Hsi: "Look into the matter of his alliances and cause them to be severed and dissolved. If an enemy has alliances, the problem is grave and the enemy's position strong; if he has no alliances, the problem is minor and the enemy's position weak (Sun Tzu, The Art of War).

In the war against the Islamic jiahd, we (the U.S.) and Russia were loosely allied--that is, we recognized that we both stood to lose, were the global jihad successful. Although Russia had been fighting the Islamics since the Ottomans, it has under Putin been supporting the Iranian Islamics, even after being attacked by the Chechen Islamics. In Kosovo, the Russians were on the side of the Serbs, while we (U.S.) were on the side of the Islamics (thanks to Bill Clinton). An imperfect alliance against the jihad existed and exists between Russia and the U.S. But although there been the hope that the Russians (who had fought al-Qaeda predecessors, including Osama bin Laden, in Afghanistan, while the U.S. was arming and supporting these jihadists) would unite with the anti-jihadist West (U.S. mainly, although deeply flawed at that), that hope has been further rent by the the Georgia invasion by Russia.

According to Handel p. 59 (see Reference), "Sun Tzu places the highest priority on defeating the enemy (preferably by non-violent means) before the war breaks out. . . . The next best thing is to disrupt his alliances (Sun Tzu, The Art of War)

The winner of Russia's Georgian adventure, at this point, appear to be the Islamics.


We all, by now, know that Mohammed said, "War is deceit." Sun Tzu included that tactic in his The Art of War long before Mohammed, but although Sun Tzu "relies heavily on deception as a 'cheap' solution , if not a panacea, for many of the problems encountered in warfare . . . . " this tactic can cut both ways. Then, " although Sun Tzu extols victory without bloodshed as an ideal, .. . [he] disregards the fact (which is central to Clausewitz's theory in his On War) that a reluctance to shed blood may cause one side to play into [its] opponent's hands, that is, knowledge of the nation's reticence to 'come to blows' might might impel . . an opponent to bluff by pretending that he is prepared to . . . apply even more force to effect a decisive victory." (Handel, p. 7)

That is, a guess that an opponent will use appeasement as a way of trying to end a conflict, will give the enemy the advantage, in that he can then escalate the force he is pretending to use, to squeeze more and more concessions from the appeaser.

This tactic has been used by the "Palestinian" Arabs against Israel and will be used by the Islamic/Marxist-Socialist enemy against the United States were appeasement to become a tactic of the United States in its war for survival against the Islamic jihad.

Handel (which see Reference below) maintains that in the First Gulf War victory was achieved "by prudent political planning and preparations," rather than solely through the "triumph of modern technology." He goes on to state that "it was the brilliant political leadership of President Bush [George I] "who created the ideal political conditions . . . by mobilizing the support of the American public for his policies , then by maintaining that support throughout the war.

According to Handel, the mistake that was made in that war was that the target were the armies of Iraq rather than Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi dictator Saddam thus survived and had to be destroyed by another war, where George W. (George II) did not follow his father's political example and did not "create the ideal political conditions for the U.S. military to wage war," nor did George W. first mobilize the support of the American public for his policies nor maintain that support throughout the war.

Clumsy attempts at duplicity as regarded WMDs and al-Qaeda in Iraq as the reasons for targeting Iraq instead of the real culprit--Saudi Arabia--left the lesser-intellect George II Bush facing a populace that felt deceived.*
*no attempt was made to trace to and try to locate any WMDs in Syria so as to allay the belief of the American public that it has been deceitfully plunged into a war that was was then quickly turned from a punitive expedition into a extremely costly endeavor to build "a democracy in Iraq.'" The "democracy" turned out to be another Islamic Republic with "freedom for all--as long your were Moslem"--hence, a victory for Islam.

"even the ultimate [military] outcome of a war is not to be regarded as final. The defeated state [or umma --Islamic world community--in our case]. . . considers the outcome merely as a transitory evil, for which a remedy may still be found in political conditions at some later date."
(Clausewitz, On War) cited in Handel, p.16

This can best be illustrated that even after Israel soundly defeated the many Islamic amies that have come against her, the defeated ones (Islamic umma or world community) did not accept this utter defeat but waited patiently fo the political conditions to tun in favor of Islamic forces to restart the struggle--in various forms: intifada, "Peace Process," Oslo, "Roadmap,," etc..
Same goes for Afghanistan (resurgence of the Taliban), and do NOT, please, ever consider the war in Iraq as being finally and irrevocably as won. These are Islamics we are fighting, do not ever consider a defeat as final. They believe that the victory will eventyually and ultimately belong to Mohammed-- to the ideology that he left behind to poison the world.

Handel, Michael I., Masters of War, Classical Strategic Thought, 3rd edition, Frank Cass, London, 2001

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