Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to fight to win (against the musulman)

The concept of deviousness to accomplish one's purpose is foreign to straight-shooting Americans. The intricate Machiavellian machinations needed to come out a winner in this life-and-death "game" played out in the most irregular battlefields of the world today, need nimble-witted strategists and tacticians, not people wedded to some imaginary "moral" ideal that we must "play fair." As it is said, "All's fair in love and war." We are not dealing with any love here. (I know, Jesus said, "Love your enemy," but that can be done after the enemy has been defeated.) Nowhere in any of our scriptures is it written to tell your intentions and plans to your enemy (even if you are "keeping that enemy closer than you keep your friends that are kept close" to paraphrase a saying of our sworn enemies).

from Is it Wrong to Use Moslems . . . to fight Moslems?

And look at this:
"Both Boyd and Sun Tzu advocate the ideas of harmony, deception, swiftness and fluidity of action, surprise, shock, and attacking the enemy's strategy".--from WARFARE

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