Thursday, August 14, 2008


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A message to Al Qaeda in Britain: Just remember you are a long long way from home, yes our pathetic government houses you, feeds you, clothes you, educates you and gives you money while all along you want to kill us, destroy our way of life and the Western Civilisation in which we live, but you are in our land now and you are surrounded because behind every door throughout the Country outside of your Islamic Kingdom upon our soil there is a ‘heart and mind’ that belongs to the Realm.
I have kept this blog open over the past 18 months at much personal risk to myself and with no money because I cannot work properly due to my circumstances. Thankfully I have had good people along the way who have stepped forward at different times and helped me financially which has helped keep food on the table but it doesn’t last forever. I have gone from having to sleep in a car, sleep on someone’s floor, to people who didn’t even know me opening up their homes to me, then to a bail address and then off again because the police is so infiltrated by Moslems its not safe to have your name and address on their computer system. If you didn’t know the British government are forcing the police to recruit as many Moslems as possible and because of this we now have Al Qaeda working amongst their ranks, and Moslems whose allegiance is to Allah and not the Crown so its better to stay alive than be kept on a police leash for something so petty especially in today’s day and age within Great Britain when the heart of the Nation has been penetrated by our Islamic enemies.

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This can happen here in the U.S.A. already the Mohammedans are using our laws cleverly so thay can have their way and make us the underdogs, the subject people.

If they can topple our Constitution as the law of the land and have sharia (Islamic Law) take its place, we are done for. There are those who will bleat a little and do nothing to stop what is happening and there are others who will risk their lives and property* to defeat this menace that has infiltrated us and eats our society like a cancer.
* Lionheart did risk his property and his liberty and he has lost both. Hounded by the authorities (UK Police), he is paying the price for daring to shine a light on the subversives that have invaded his country. His life is in danger for not knuckling under and for resisting the "flow." What will you do?

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End Note: By the way, there is no 2nd Amendment in the UK.

Think on it!

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