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EuropeNews Roundup - Tuesday, October 07, 2008

EuropeNews Roundup - Tuesday, October 07, 2008

United Kingdom
Islamic school unfair admission
London to host 2nd int l confab on religious affinity
Young Muslims to advise ministers
Radical Islam’s Greatest Deception
Brown promotes two Muslim ministers
Pat Condell/VIDEO - Stop sharia law in Britain
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A Pro-Church Law Helps a Mosque
French Authorities Punish Police Officer
Denmark calls for fight for freedoms after cartoons row
Denmarks Naser Khader on anti-Islamism efforts
See how & why France’s Muslim Council doesn’t work
Former Bosnian Mujaheddin leader arrested
Bosnias former mujahedin leader in custody, faces deportation
Iran sends nuclear protest to EU foreign policy chief
Islamist movement banned in Bulgaria
Islamic states draw new battle lines over Freedom of Expression
Robert Spencer interviews Geert Wilders
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Islamic leaders condemn Turkey attack
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Islam: Prophet bride novel published in US
Monitoring Lawful Jihad In Prisons
Human rights - Pick a ruling, any ruling?
Islamic Group Gains Power in Indonesia
Poet accused of being enemy of Islam
Israeli Approvals for Medical Entry in the Shadow of Terror Attacks at the Erez Crossing
Interview with Brigitte Gabriel
The Third Jihad - New Movie Exposes Danger of Radical Islam
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Islam Professor Converts from Believer to Non-Believer
The Blackhoods of Antifa
YouTube censors Pat Condells latest video
Fourteen Centuries of War Against European Civilization
The Great Turkish Rip-off
Chaos in Cologne
The Role of the Mosque in Society
Speech by Geert Wilders Sept. 17th 2008
Islam at face value
Islamism is the Racism of Our Time
Islam is a Violent Faith
Fjordman: Reparations From Muslims?
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