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EuropeNews Roundup - Wednesday, October 08, 2008

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EuropeNews Roundup - Wednesday, October 08, 2008
United Kingdom
Former Llanelli doctor on trial for terror bomb attacks
Muslim pupil planned to blow up BNP
Synagogue angered by Mosque expansion plan in East End
Jobless Afghan mother of seven gets £170,000 benefits and lives in £1million council house
Labour's Young Muslim Advisory Group is patronising and divisive
Terror code tells teachers to watch pupils
UK hate preacher takes a bride younger than his pole-dancing daughter
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The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts
Honor Killings and the Struggle of Moderate Islam
Police Release Terror Suspects in Bonn
Bosnia to deport former Muslim fighter
Minister Moroccan Criminals Pose No Threat Whatever
Finland Muslim Headscarves Unveil Attitudes and Opinions
Malta Imam on immigration problem
A Pro-Church Law Helps a Mosque
French Authorities Punish Police Officer
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Cologne Mayor Presses Turkish Premier to Back Christian Shrine
Turkey Says They'll Retaliate Only Against PKK
Turkish forces keep mandate to fight Kurds in Iraq
Arab League's Moussa to head for Turkey over coop meeting
Turkey served notice over Ilisu dam
Germany warns Turkey over Ilisu dam
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Canada's religious tolerance put to test
We're losing ground fast to the soft jihad
Outrage over Muslim ideals
Canadian Forces to recruit at mosque
Obama Wages War on Freedom of Speech
Educated Muslim youths are linked with bomb explosion
Size of Islamist menace
Former officials say Iranians helped on al-Qaida
FBI - CAIR is a front group, and Holy Land Foundation tapped Hamas clerics for fundraisers
Taliban rebuild children’s suicide camp in South Waziristan
Mosul, another targeted murder against the Christian community
Hamas Puts Market Manipulation on List of Jewish Sins
U.S. to collapse within 2 decades Islamic cleric warns America facing destruction
The Ayatollahs Z(B)ig Dhimmi, Obama, and Iran
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Islam Professor Converts from Believer to Non-Believer
The Blackhoods of Antifa
YouTube censors Pat Condells latest video
Fourteen Centuries of War Against European Civilization
The Great Turkish Rip-off
Chaos in Cologne
The Role of the Mosque in Society
Speech by Geert Wilders Sept. 17th 2008
Islam at face value
Islamism is the Racism of Our Time
Islam is a Violent Faith
Fjordman Reparations From Muslims?
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