Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Arabic Language as a Weapon of Conquest

Modern Arabic: French fabrication of a fake language to de-personify, de-valorize, radicalize and barbarize

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Through the creation of a fake modern Arabic language , the French prevented a genuine Nation building in the area, ensured that the local peoples would never have access to their identity, and like this gave the Wahhabist sheikhs a most powerful tool of de-personification, de-valorization, radicalization and barbarization. The so idiotically venerated French ‘mission civilisatrice’ is truly speaking a ‘mission barbarisatrice’.

The French created what is the concept of Arabic as Modern Language, and (as an extension to it - at a second stage) the Arab nationalism - supreme stage of the colonialism.

What existed, as linguistic - ethnic groups’ situation, in 1798 throughout all the lands that belong to modern state members of the Arab League, is this:

1. Arabic had ceased to exist as native language (with the aforementioned exception); it was only the religious language of the Muslims, but it was a dead language - which means that it was not native to anyone. . . .

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