Sunday, November 2, 2008

UK: Soldiers of the Queen - Betrayed at Home by an Islamic-Appeasing Establishment and the Afghani Poppies

Lionheart: The young Lions return
by Lionheart at


What a travesty that whilst they are fighting in foreign fields for us back home there are enemies living amongst us planning and plotting the destruction of Great Britain with no real action to prevent it by those who control the State.

Soldiers abused in hospitals by Moslems, abused and spat at in the street by Moslems, forced to wear civilian clothes so as to not upset Moslems and all after putting their lives on the line for their Country.

Appeasement, Surrender and Denial of the enemy at home is the consensus of the day by those in ultimate charge over all parts of the British State, but those on the frontlines in the streets at home know the truth because its staring them in the face each day, they dont live in tax paid ivory towers in the safest places they can afford to find in 21st Century Britain.

Those in charge of the 'Power of the State' use all the powers at their disposal and the laws that they have created and put in place, to silence the true reality of what is unfolding upon our streets across the Nation, exactly like what is happening to me because I was forced into a corner by Pakistani Moslems who have taken over my community.

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