Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How the West Can Win

from Islam Watch Blake Gartner's Humiliation of Muslims and the coming Siege of Vienna

The Caliphate was eliminated when the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist. The West stopped fearing Muslims, viewing them as nothing more than "oil cows". And Islam truly ceased being a power.

That, of course, is what the West wanted to believe. Truth is that Christendom still didn’t recover most of the territories lost since the rise of Islam. Constantinople (now Istanbul), Egypt, Syria, Bosnia and Chechnya were all Christian lands in the past.

Islam did not invade the West continuously for a thousand years. Instead, there were many generations of peace, but that peace was eventually always interrupted by Muslim attacks on Europe. Each time Christians lost large parts of their territory, then fought back, but never fully recovered the lost territories.

For two centuries now, the West was strong enough to ignore the threat from the south. But Muslims felt "humiliated" because they did not have the strongest army, the wealthiest economy and the dominant political power.

Islam began to resurge in the 1960s (some say in the 1920s, but Islamists weren’t strong enough until after Israel "humiliated" Arab nationalists in 1967). First came terror. Then global Jihad. In the 1990s, massive Islamic immigration into Europe began to threaten a demographic takeover. Islam is on the move again. Will Vienna be under siege once more?

All of the above from Islam Watch Blake Gartner's Humiliation of Muslims and the coming Siege of Vienna

The following note is mine. Leslie White

Regarding Moslems boasting, "It took us 200 years to defeat the Crusader Kingdom. Israel has existed less than 60. We have another 140 to destroy it, and we will." There is a difference. The Crusaders could "go home." The Jews of Israel "are home;" they have no other place to go. They must either die under an Islamic onslaught or count on the "mercy" of conquering Islamics. Even with incompetents such as Ehud Olmert and his corrupt government, I wager that Israel will not count on the "mercy" of the Mohammedans. The Islamics have been taught by koran and ahadith, by learning about the life of Mahomet, that Jews are subhumans, descended from "apes and pigs (sic);" they hate Jews with a hatred ingested with their mothers' milk.

Israel has a strong military, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), but Israel has a weakness: a hope for "peace" with the Arabs, conjoined with an abyssmal ignorance of Islam and its teachings. In attempting to achieve "peace with Islam, Israeli governments look for approval towards the other Western nations, especially the United States. To show its "moral high-mindedness," Israel cares more for the well-being of its Arab-Islamic enemies than it does for either its soldiers or its citizens. The soldiers must fight house-to-house to "spare Islamic lives," while Israeli citizens must endure rocket barrages, apparently so as not to further enrage their enemies.

The mentally impaired U.S. President has ordered Israel to set up a "Palestinian State." (It was something that he has been dreaming of ever since he gained power, whether to please his Saudi cohorts or to have another "democratic" shariah state ["Palestine"] in the Middle East, besides Iraq, is difficult to distinguish.)

Israeli prime minsiters have always followed Washington's orders and tried to comply in setting up the "Palestinian" state. What no one is saying is that the "Palestinian" Arabs do not want "peace with Israel" or a state alongside the Jewish state. The "Palestinian" Islamics want Israel.

BUT, what is most important, and gives us a valuable insight into the Islamic mind, is the statement:

"It took us 200 years to defeat the Crusader Kingdom. Israel has existed less than 60. We have another 140 to destroy it, and we will"

Why is that important? Because the Islamic revels in the glories of the past. He re-fights those battles of the past--when Mohammedans were victorious. He will base his present-day tactics on battles and Islamic victories of the past.

Or on words in the koran.

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