Monday, January 26, 2009

Wilders, Redux

Geert is on the cutting edge of this battle and we must stand with him! Speak truth and confront the lies of 'peaceful religion' and 'moderate Islam'.... Our very survival is at stake!

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Wilders, Redux

Geert Wilders, MP in the Netherlands, has been charged with hate speech in his short film Fitna by the Dutch Court. Fitna is a compilation of quotes from the Koran with accompanying visuals. The film can be seen on Robert Spencer's JihadWatch web site.

This is an egregious attack on the rights of a citizen to freedom of speech by a "free" nation's court system. The quotes in the film are TRUE and taken right from the Koran with no editing or comment.

So it seems appropriate to send out Geert Wilders' speech from the Four Seasons restaurant on September 25, 2008, sponsored by the Hudson Institute. It is long, but well worth the read.

In a Generation or Two, the US Will Ask Itself: Who Lost Europe?

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