Thursday, February 26, 2009

Islamic Apartheid in the West

Gates of Vienna: Islamic Apartheid in the West: " . . . there are Muslim enclaves arising all over in Western countries. This is not new. The only novelty will be the first enclave [in Australia] that denies access to “infidels”. In Canada, for example, not so long ago the first Muslim town came to be. Canada is a multicultural country, where the followers of Islam enjoy all the Western freedoms. In 2007 in the vicinity of Toronto, the Muslims built the first purely Islamic city, called “Peace Village”. In a portion of the city are street names such as Mahmood Street, Nasir and Tahrir Street, Noor-ud-Dins Street, and Mosque Gate. And there is a mosque in which women and men pray separately.

It is the first purely Islamic city on the American continent. More will follow. The first language of the Muslims living there is not English, but Urdu (official language of Pakistan). There the Muslims are amongst themselves. In the area of the “peace city” at Lake Ontario there used to be a Christian church, the “Teston United Church”. This has been demolished and what was still left was sold at auction. Nobody is enraged about this. For in the end it was replaced by a Muslim “peace city”."

More at Gates of Vienna: Islamic Apartheid in the West

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