Saturday, February 7, 2009

Islamics forcefully take over Hindu Religious Site in Bangladesh

Islamic fascist forcefully setup “Madrasa in the place of historical “Terokota Mondir” at Birgonj,Dinajpur in Bangladesh

The local Government is inactive in protecting the Hindu Minorities in Bangladesh.

By William Gomes

. . . “Terokota Mondir” is located at Birgonj,Dinajpur in Bangladesh . It was donated as a deity property by King Jogodis Chandra Roy in the name of “Shri Shir KantiJew Thakur” Total 16 acer 23 Sotok land was donated by the kind king .

On 16th January 2009 a group of Islamic fascist came in the “Mondir (Temple) and start building the house for ” Al Hera Nurani Talimul Quran Madrasa” the local Hindu devotee protested on that communal attitude. And in 17th Januray 2009 Shri Moti Lal das filed a general diary (GD No:590) in Birgonj ploice station on behalf of the local Hindu devotee narrating the illegal activity of Islamic fascist and demanding to stop the illegal activates of Islamic fascist.

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