Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moslems in India

The Muslims would rather transform India into an Arab country


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. . . soon I understood that the real threat for the country did not came from the west but from quite a different place. It sprang from the very bottom of the Indian society, from a large community of people, unexpectedly implanted during the last thousand years in its very womb, sucking its life juices. I speak about the Islam community.

I heard about presence of Islam threat in the country from my Indian friends when they pointed to me some Muslim in the crowd and commented that his co-believers refuse to fulfil the programs of the government for family planning and have purposefully 10-15 children, whereas the Hindus have only 3-4. For me India was the country of the wandering philosophers and the yogis, the sacred land of the Vedas, the Upanishads and Gita.

I grasped more clearly the real size of the threat when in the spring of 1993 I found myself in a remote village in eastern Bihar. Eighty percent of the residents were Muslims and twenty - Hindus. The monopoly of the first over the social life was total. The signs were everywhere written not in Devangari but with the Arab alphabet. The appearance of most of the villagers, their way of clothing, even their face expression spoke that these people not only look like Arabs but that they felt like Arabs, thought like Arabs and their umbilical cord with India is cut (later I would find that the Islam religion is able to leave traces on the faces of people and mould them.)

Night and day every several hours from the loudspeaker of the minaret, the prayer of the muezzin was blasting out and did not allow the Hindus, neither the tourists nor those Muslims who did not follow strictly the religious prescriptions, to sleep in peace. I had the feeling that I was not here in India - the land of Buddha and Shri Shankaracharya, but somewhere in the Middle East.

I realized that in the last thousand years India had changed a lot, and for the first time in her millenary history one foreign and hostile to her real essence body was implanting. Everywhere in the big Indian cities I could see the growing Muslim quarters, with their characteristic architecture, with their slaughterhouses, they were everywhere, closed communities, hostile, looking with disdain and disgust at the surrounding community of the “impious”. Over hundred million subjects of Republic India had in fact nothing in common with her, because their heart was a thousand kilometers from here - somewhere in the Middle East. They felt as citizens of the invisible Pakistan (and demonstrated it), citizens of the World Caliphate and wanted to be foreigners in their own country.

I have often asked myself what was so specific about the Muslim self-conscience that prevents it from getting integrated with any other? Why the Christians, Buddhists, Judeans, Sikhs or Jains can live in harmony with India and enrich her culture, but the followers of Mohamed can not? The Islam is not just a total religion, it is a nationality. Its followers all over the world felt like part of God-chosen nation, which stands over the rest. The people who profess other religions are considered to be “impious” and in the case of the Hindus, worse - for “pagan”. The Muslims would rather transform India into an Arab country, but they would never become real Indians. Until they are minority in a certain country they would lead a closed life in their shell, keeping aside from the social and state life, but when they become a majority they would impose with an iron fist their understanding about the society over the other religious communities, without showing consideration for nothing.


Where Islam settled, the traditional culture before long disappeared. Those regions in which it outweighed, were brutally cut from the bosom of the Indian civilization and annexed to the Semitic. The bloody violence over the local population from the invaders, and also the treason of millions of Hindus, who betrayed the bequest of their own religions helped for the spreading of the new religion. Century by century the Arab doctrine spread around the country of the Vedas like a cancer in an diseased person in order to encompass in our days almost 30% of its population. If this expansion does not stop and 380 belief apostates of the subcontinent do not understand the character of the sin committed by their ancestors, India is threatened in the next 1-2 centuries to follow the destiny of the Zoroastrian Iran which 1300 years ago disgracefully surrendered to the warriors of the crescent moon.

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