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There is no Moderate Muslim Country or Successful Islamic Democracy

There is no Moderate Muslim Country or Successful Islamic Democracy

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Reader comment on article: Red Mosque in Rebellion
in response to reader comment: Islam is not a true Religion , but In fact it is a deadly cult of Terror , Arson , Rape , Bloodshed , Massacres , Forced Conversions and Death !

Submitted by Caroline (India), Aug 3, 2007 at 08:56

There is no Moderate Muslim Country or Successful Islamic Democracy because Islam and Freedom cannot coexist in the same way Muslims cannot exist with Non Muslims peacefully .Here are the examples,
1) Iraq : Terror Attacks everyday , Hundreds of Thousands murdered

2) Iran : Ayatullah - Mullah Regime which cleansed its minorities and now pursuing Nuclear Program with a clear aim to wipe out Israel and threaten the rest.

3) Lebanon : It was peaceful when Christians had majority but Local Lebanese Muslims with the help of Palestinian Terror Groups started civil war in which Islamists massacred thousands of innocent non muslims and now Lebanon is now hotbed of Terrorists like Hizbullah

4) Syria : Its ruled by Dictator like Asad which has close ties with rogue countries like Iran and which openly shelters Terrorists like Khalid Meshal ( Hamas ) and has allowed Iran to use its Territorry to supply weapons to Terrorist Hizbullah in Lebanon.

5) Jordan : No Democracy and its matter of time when Majority of arab population which identify themselves as Palestinians stage a bloody coup and massacre family of King Abdullah and establish a Hamas type Terrorist Government.

6) Egypt : Muslim Brotherhood getting support . Even Al Qaida number 2 Ayman Al Jawahiri is from Egypt and planning to assasinate Hoxni Mubarak to establish rule of Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida.

7) Sudan : Millions massacred by Janzaweed Militia which is supported by Arabic Muslim Jehadis.

8) Somalia : Muslim Fanatic has murdered hundreds and now they have sheltered many Al Qaida agents which are using Somalia as a base to spread its network in Uganda , Tanzania , Eritrea , Ethiopia ,etc.

9) Indonesia : Most populous muslim country in the world where Christians were beheaded in day light and even Indonesian Military is engaged in ethnic cleansing of non muslim minorities.

10) Pakistan : This country was created on the basis of Islam and it has long association with Jehadi Terrorism . Almost all Islamic Terror attacks in the world has some links or connection to Pakistan or Pakistani Expatriates directly or indirectly.Now it has became the base of Al Qaida and headquarters of World Jehad Movement . We can never ever win this war against Terror before we root out Terrorism and Al Qaida from Pakistan. Even there is a great danger that Jehadis are planning to use Pakistan Nukes to take World Hostage and demand withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan . All Democratic Leaders like Nawaz Sharif , Benjir Bhutto and Altaf Hussain are in exile and democray destroyed long back by Army Dictators. Mullah - Military - Mafia alliance have provided the safest haven for all sort of Muslim Terrorist Groups.

11) Bangladesh : Most Popular Democractic Leader Sheikh Hasina is in Prison by Dictators and Islamic Parties have captured the ground . Al Qaida allied with HUJI ( Harkat al Jehad Islami ) and planning Terrorism in and around Bangladesh.

12) Turkey : Islamist AKP Party have again elected in Turkey with overwhelming majority and Islamising Turkey cleverly with preparing to enter European Union inorder to Islamise Europe from within.

13) Saudi Arabia : Global Financer of Hate by bankrolling Wahabi Propaganda Structure around the world . Saudi Petro Dollars have financed many Mosques and Militant Imams all over the world.

14) Yemen : Islamists are spreading their propaganda and Al Qaida is getting recruits from Yemen . Terrorists targetted USS Cole from Yemen.

15) GCC Countries : UAE , Kuwait , Oman , Bahrain , Qatar are members of GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) and They are considered to be allies of West but the rich muslims in these Countries have supported many Terror Groups by Donating Money as " Jakat " to Islamic Charities which was further channeled to Islamist Groups.

16) Uzbekistan : Uzbek Islamist Groups are allied with Tabkeeghis from Pakistan to establish Islamist Rule in Central Asia .

17) Judea / Samaria / Gaza : Muslim Arabs have elected Hamas Terrorists. Now its the Jehadis who control and are openly engaged in Terrorism to murder maximum innocent Jews in Israel.

and Islamists are gaining ground in almost all Islamic Countries .

Situation in Non Muslim Countries are more dangerous , Few Examples ,

1) Israel : 30 % Muslims acting as fifth columns to support Hamas and Fatah. They openly term Israel's independence as " Naqba " or " Disaster " .They are waging a Terrorist war to Intimidate Israelis and also waging a Demographic war to outnumber Jews in their only Homeland.

2) Nigeria : 45 % Muslims have established rule of Shariat in North and now advancing towards south to murder maximum Christians and Islamise Full Nigeria.

3) Russia : 26 % Muslims are growing faster with the help of Immigrants from Central Asian " Muslimstans" and now Chechnya , Ingushetia , Dagestan is burning in fire of Jehad.

4) China : Muslims were majority in Xingxiang Province of China and Uighur Muslims are being trained in Madrassas of Pakistan and they also have many Islamist Groups waging a movement to seperate this province into an Islamic Nation of Uighur Muslims.

5) Europe : 20 Million Muslims in Europe are claiming all the benefits in Europe Liberal Societies and using Democratic Rights to grow their strength to turn Europe into Eurabia.

6) United Kingdom : Islamist Attacks of 7 / 7 shows that Londonistan is hotbed of Islamist Terror and its matter of time when we will witness Bombs exploding in Birmingham , Manchester , Kent , Cardiff , Belfast , etc. Islamists will wage such a Terror War in UK that Britons will forget IRA and Seine Fiene Activism.

7) India : Majority of World's Muslims live in India . Almost 200 Million Muslims that is 20 % of India's Population are Muslims. Muslims Terror Groups have attacked almost every institution in India including Indian Parliament , Temples , Churches , Assembly, halls , Cinemas , Trains , Buses , Aeroplanes. Now they are systematically working for Islamisation of India in next 15 years at the same Terrorism is used as a weapon to silence those critics who dare of expose Islamsim or oppose Terrorism.

Another Comment to the Daniel Pipes post:

Pakistan is epicenter of Islamist Terrorism...
Reader comment on article: Red Mosque in Rebellion
Submitted by Counter Terrorism (India), Dec 31, 2008 at 13:09

Pakistan is Head Quarters of Global Jehadi Islamic Terrorists Groups..
Without invading Pakistan , we cannot win the War against Terror..
The war is inevitable..Sooner or later , we have to finish this war to finish...
Lets not forget the 26/11 Terror Attacks in Mumbai...
Its duty of every citizen to oppose Terrorism and be alert and vigilant...and watch those who are living in India but dreaming about Pakistan aka Jehadistan aka Islamistan aka Muglistan...


  1. Hi, I live in Istanbul, Turkey. It's actually pretty nice. I do like it more than Mississippi, even though I am Christian. 5 times a day we hear the call to prayer from the mosques. Some of them sing pretty nice. There are quite a few churches here actually. The most famous being the architectural wonder of Haga Sofia, one of the oldest churches in the world, built in AD 536 (or was it 537?). It was converted into a mosque after the conquest by Sultan Mehmet in 1453, after having served christian believers for more than 900 years! It would continue to serve muslim believers until it was turned into a museum under Kemal Atatürk in the early 20th century.
    That the AKP are religious is an issue in Turkey. Especially in the big cities where secularism has a stronger hold than the more religious countryside. Wait, what a paralell to the U.S.! And, I would argue, most countries in the world. Turkey is a democracy, and the AKP were hurt in the last election. They will most likely move more to the centre to stay in power.

    But hey "...(Palestinians are) waging a Demographic war to outnumber Jews in their only Homeland." What is a demographic war? There is no such thing.
    The thing is that Israel has a large middle class, and they do as the middleclasses all over the world does: they have less children because they are an economic burden rather than an asset. In the dirt poor West Bank and Gaza the situation is reversed, people have more children because every person in the familiy are an economic asset.

  2. From Brussels Journal:

    The new enemy of the West is ideological Islam. If NATO wants to be a useful instrument in defending the West against this enemy it needs to accept a new member state – Israel – and stop groveling to Turkey.
    Turkey is governed by the AKP, a very popular Islamic party in Central and Eastern Anatolia. The AKP’s voters feel more strongly about the Islamic law which prohibits depicting the Muslim prophet than about basic Western values such as freedom of expression. These voters already feel “hurt” by the simple depiction of their prophet, which in Islam is blasphemy. The Turkish threats in Strasbourg jolted Mr. Kouchner into realizing what the future has in store for the European Union if Turkey becomes a member. “I was very shocked by the pressure that was brought on us,” Mr. Kouchner said. “Turkey’s evolution in, let’s say, a more religious direction, towards a less robust secularism, worries me.”
    Ordinary Europeans expect the EU to defend European identity. Unlike Mr. Obama, ordinary Europeans doubt whether Turkey is “bound to Europe” and “shares Europe’s history and culture.” The current wave of distrust of the EU by ordinary Europeans is caused to a large extent by their fear that the EU institutions in Brussels are pushing for Turkish EU membership. This would make Turkey the most populous of all EU member states, with the largest number of seats in the European Parliament, and turn the AKP into the most powerful political party in Europe. What this will lead to suddenly dawned on the secularist Mr. Kouchner in Strasbourg, but it had already been clear to many of his compatriots when they rejected the EU Constitution in a referendum in 2005. Indeed, one of the main reasons why the French rejected the Constitution were their concerns about Turkish accession to the EU.
    Mr. Obama went to Istanbul to grovel at the feet of the AKP and speak out in favor of Turkey’s EU admission. Since America is not a member of the EU, however, EU affairs are none of Mr. Obama’s business. Ordinary Europeans are justifiably offended by Mr. Obama’s arrogance, which is an indication of the unilateral approach of the Obama White House when dealing with Europe. If Mr. Obama wants to serve the free world he should go to Istanbul to speak out in favor of Israel’s admission to NATO.

  3. You don't need to be that much islamophobic. I'm from turkey and gay. The people (including my parents) know i'm gay. They haven't killed me yet (lol).

    When it comes to AKP, you can find a lot more christian parties all over the world which abuse religion to get more vote. They are more religious but it doesn't mean that they support terrorism.

    When it comes to Kouchner, he is totally populist. He can change his ideas with time. It is obvious that some people (especially in europe) like to bother muslims by some marhches against islam or by some prophet cartoons. I watched the gay jesus video and it was pretty funny. So, in return I shouldn't be offensed by mohammed cartoons. However, our prime minister would be offended by the gay jesus video as well because jesus is holy for islam as well. Finally, I don't approve our prime minister's agression on mohammed cartoons. However, his wrong action on this issue doesn't mean that all muslims are crazy to kill other people and bring islam to everywhere.

    Turkey wants to be in EU because EU has better human rights, better economy, better education, better life quality, better democracy. Our aim to enter EU has nothing to do with spreading Islam to Europe. This is your own fear. Of course, there are some people from many religions who want to spread their religions and they are called missionaries but it doesn't mean that all turkish people want to bring Islam to Europe.

    Finally, you shouldn't be really scared that much and open some websites for it.