Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What about the BNP (British National Party)? Should We Who Are against the Anti-Islamic Takeover of Our Lands . . .

. . . Ally Ourselves With These Believers That the UK Should NOT Be Another Islamic Enclave in Europe?

A Tricky Question . . .

Read the pros and investigate the cons at http://thejewinyellow.blogspot.com/2009/02/bnp-british-national-party-revisited.html

For the lowdown on the BNP, from these anti-Islamics themselves, see http://isupporttheresistance.blogspot.com/

Here's a nice example of why we're on the same side--a Comment at http://isupporttheresistance.blogspot.com/2009/02/moslem-victory-parades-planned.html

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The very sight of these towel headed pyjama wearers marching through our streets should spread disgust through the hearts of every true British citizen. As they chant in their foreign tongues and hold their hands to their hearts they are demonstrating their contempt for us and their determination to exclude us from our rightful ancient homeland. Unless we can convince the British people to act soon, and the sooner the better, then we had best prepare our children and grand children for a life of servitude and desperation. It is now very simple. Either we act and take back our country or we sink beneath a tidal wave of dark age religious barbarity. There is no alternative. Who will galvanise the nation and lead us in a determined revolt? Maybe we could borrow a warlord from Afghanistan. They seem to have plenty to spare and after all, their country has never been conquered- though the taliban came pretty close.
16 February 2009 11:08


from http://www.bnp-blog.blogspot.com/:

Ironically, those who shout 'racism' the loudest usually support the anti-white racism that exists in Britain today. Indigenous British people are now second-class citizens in their own country. Immigrants from the third world get so-called 'positive discrimination', while Whites are sent to the back of the line. The Afro-Caribbean’s have a Black History Month, which exaggerates and glorifies Black achievements, Black culture, and African history, while White-British history is ridiculed, scoffed at and lied about. The Muslims have an Islamic Awareness Week, while Christianity (the religion of the majority of British people) is completely ignored. It seems that 'racism' is only bad if it benefits White people in any way. If it benefits non-Whites, then it's a good thing.

The BNP Website: http://bnp.org.uk/

The The BNP Chronicle announced A Slight Change of Direction on February 18, 2009:

If the main BNP site publishes it then we won't be, the reproduction of their articles was deemed necessary if the Chronicle was to act as an archive for future reference.

From now on, this site will only produce original articles on stories that the main site has missed. We hope it will become the site that you visit after you have visited the official site and that this site supplements whatever news you may have read there.

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  1. I'm a generational American and am proud of my English,Irish heritage. Can someone please tell me why the British people have no other political party they can turn to and yet they revile the BNP. I've been accessing the BNP for months now and have found nothing racist about it. They are racial not racist. Doesn't anyone there have access to a Dictionary?