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Rape the Women! - It is "Permitted"

Women whom your right hand possesses ...

from Thoughts of a nationalist Indian:

"...Except those captives whom your right hand possesses"

Kuran Sura 4, Ayat 24 says:

And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess...

. . . soldiers were reluctant to rape the captured women in front of their husbands. That is when Muhammad produced Kuran 4:24 assuring them that it was permissible to rape these captured women even in front of their husbands.

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More on Sex with Slave-girls and Captive-Women
by Abul Kasem

I READ QUITE a number of posts on the sexual use of slave-girls and captive women in Islam. It is quite amusing to note the desperation of a few 'Islam lovers' to save Islam from the stigma of abysmal sexual exploitation of slave-women and women-captives caught in a war. Here is what the 'real Islam' says about having sex with slave-girls and captives (women, of course). These passages are extracted from my detailed essays: 'Sex and Sexuality in Islam' and 'Root of Terrorism-Islamic Style.'

My question is: Who knows Islam best?-the Imams, the impeccably qualified (Islamically, of course), Mullahs, the Pirs, Tabari, Ghazali, Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Sa'd, Sahih Hadith, Hedaya (Hanafi Laws of Islam, vetted by the Inns of Law, London to be the most authentic), Umdat al-Salik (the most authentic Shafi Laws, authenticated by the Al-Azhar Islamic University) or the western educated, western-settled Muslims who claim they have discovered a new brand of Islam-Islam sans politics, and of late, Islam sans those obnoxious ahadith?

When we point out from those impeccable Islamic sources the true and unadulterated Islam preached and practiced by Muhammad, these New Islamic Scholars would quote from personalities such as: Gandhi, Carlyle, Barnard Shaw, John demonstrate the 'beautiful' face of Islam. It is as if these kaffirs know Islam more/better than Muhammad did!

This gets very funny indeed! How about those despicable verses in the Qur'an which unmistakably demonstrate the utter sexual perversions, vis--vis slave-girls and captive women? Are these new Islamically educated, western-inclined Islamic scholars ready to discard those Qu'ranic verses as well? I would like to hear from them. This will really be very interesting, no doubt.

See 'Sex and Sexuality in Islam': by by Abul Kasem

and go to see Excerpts from an Islamic Q & A site - scroll down to them at

from The Moslem Institute

After attacking and looting the Jewish city of Khaibar, Mohammed compelled a beautiful and grieving teenage girl named Safiyah to become his sex-slave bride. At the time the captive was mute with shock and grief. According to the Moslem website (note, enter Safiyah in the search box to bring up the article) "… two women were brought before the prophet … they had passed by those … killed in the battle … The (one) who was mute with shock was Safiyah … whose husband (and other family members) had been killed ..."(by Mohammed’s followers). (Note: The parenthetical remarks were added by historian Dane Dahl to clarify the text.)

One of Mohammed’s bodyguards witnessed Mohammed raping the beautiful and grieving Safiyah. "Ayyub al-Ansari (Mohammed’s bodyguard) guarded the tent of the prophet the whole night … (While Mohammed forced his lust upon his newest sex slave. The next morning Ayyub al-Ansari told Mohammed) 'I was afraid for you with this young lady. You killed her father, her husband and many of her relatives … I was really afraid for you on her account .'" (Note: The parenthetical remarks were added by historian Dane Dahl to clarify the text.)

Yet militant Moslem propaganda is hateful enough to boast this heart-broken sex slave grew to love Mohammed! According to the Moslem website: "She (Safiyah) was known for her extreme beauty … She did not only love Prophet … Mohammed deeply, but also greatly respected him as Allah’s Messenger … She was honored and given great respect in the Moslem community."

In the author's [Dane Dahl's] opinion, such boasting is cruel and ludicrous, especially when taken in the context of the historical record.


  1. all of you lie about islam

    you have to respect all religions

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  2. what you say about Islam only reflects your image

    Islam is not like that, you u have to understand what islam means then try to talk about something elss, anyways ,,, there is no reason u change things because well minded people know what is islam and Truth will be there for any one when ever they start reading the correct books and people with a mind not like you ... may allah show you the truth . Salam