Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did the Saudi king buy the U.S. via the "Presidency?" . . .

. (you should pardon the expression--"presidency," I mean) or "Is it the Saudi's creature that occupies our white house?"

Photo title: "Submission"

"As you probably know the Koran calls for submission, hatred, violence, murder, terrorism and war. The Koran calls upon Muslims to kill non-Muslims."
-Geert Wilders

from O-bow-ma and the Saudi King

by Ali Sina



The question that begs an answer is why a haughty man like Obama who snubbed the prime ministers of America’s closest allies, UK and Canada, to the point of rudeness is acting so slavishly towards the head of a religion and a country not so friendly to America?

Does Obama owe loyalty to Sheikh Abdullah? Did the latter finance his campaign? Obama spent nearly a billion dollars in his campaign. Never in history, a politician had this much money at his disposal to campaign. He never disclosed the source of that money. There were allegations that he received huge sums of illegal donations, mostly from Arab/Middle Eastern sources. There were also multiple donations of the maximum $2,000 dollar allowed, by the same donors. Could all these money have come from one source, the very man who Obama bowed so obsequiously to kiss his hand? Until an inquiry is made into the source of Oabama’s campaign financing we shall never know, but by the servile way he acted towards the King, we can guess that he was probably expressing his gratitude to his patron and sponsor.

I know every American with a grain of dignity will cringe seeing such an ignoble gesture of obeisance from their president towards the head of another state, particularly a state that hates them. I also know how Muslims rejoice watching America bow to Islam. This picture must be the wet dream of every Muslim.

Is Obama a closet Muslim? The jury is still out. But what is certain is that such a disgraceful act by an alleged American president towards the symbolic head of Islam is not a good omen. What concerns me is the hidden reality that may lie behind this gesture. Have Muslims succeeded to conquer America? Jihad can take many forms. Deception is one of them. Instead of waging a war that they knew would not win, they used deception. They bought the media, who in turn deceived the Americans, who with their own votes installs Islam’s Trojan horse, right in the White House. What a coup d’état?

Interestingly Saudis call any black man abd, (slave). Obama confirms their stereotyping. This buffoon, with all his pomposity and haughtiness at home and towards American allies, cannot act presidential when meeting his Arab masters. He reverts into his roots and acts like a slave. This must be the most disgraceful act by any American president in the history of America. Obama will bring more shame and dishonor on America and on the blacks than they bargained for.
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O-bow-ma and the Saudi King

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