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The End of the World as We Knew It

Is This The End?

Interesting . . . and Most Informative

From "Caving"
at the Belmont Club

a couple of comments:

from Whiskey


. . . Pakistan falling into the Taliban’s control, Obama a Muslim himself from a Polygamous Father, smiling benignly as he does nothing to stop it or secure/destroy the nukes. NYC and perhaps other American cities die in a nuclear blast. Not from some "Good guy gone wrong" as in the feminized 9/11 fantasy of TV’s "Heroes" but real macho polygamists wanting conquest.

And in the great desire simply not to be incinerated, Obama will be removed via coup driven by the people, not the military and CIA (which will I think be reluctant passengers on the populist train). People will surprise you with a desire to live. Do awful things.
Apr 25, 2009 - 11:49 pm
Gordon DeSpain:

[addressing] Whiskey,


. . . 20 Markers of "The End of Golden Ages." You actually hit on it in your post above, but, seemingly as an aside: Marker #1 - "Women begin rising to positions of great power."

This phenomena appears 150 to 200 years into the life of a Civilization, and, begins the slide into footnotes in "Dusty Tomes" nobody reads. It is a natural result of the "Foraging Instinct," which is linked to a "primal, biological imperative" to build safe, secure, serene and beautiful nests, where they can raise their children without knowing or having to defend against violence.

The other markers are: a flood of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, edicts, decrees, taxes, permits, certificates, etc, flowing from a flood of Bureaus, Agencies, Departments, Offices and the odd rogue Tyrannizer (like a "Great Lady" advisor to the ‘King,’ demanding that he ‘do something’); imbalance of trade commences when the "Great Ladies" begin demanding exotic things to decorate and enhance ever larger, more enviable nests (Mansions, Palaces, Castles, Compounds of the Aristocracy/Nobility); flight of Capital and Industry to Foreign Ports where the exotic trinkets, toys and doodads originate; flight of Crafts, Skills, Trades, Artisans and Engineers (I’m one who fled years ago) following the Industries to other, younger, more vibrant, less restrictive, growing, thriving societies; importation of cheap labor, or, slaves (it’s nice if they import themselves); pushing away, denigration and tyranizing of the Common Citizen; denigration and pushing away of the Citizen Soldier; hiring of Mercenaries (Local or Foreign) as Bodyguards, City Guard (Police), and, Professional Military; and, the final blow - disarming of the Common Man.

[bold emphasis mine]

The last usually happens just prior to, or, as Alexander crosses the Bosphorus (welcomed by the people as a savior), or, as Obama climbs the Hill, bringing us a new society (worshipped by many).

There remains but the final step, the "Coup de Grace" of this Golden Age (see Marker #20, above).

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