Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran's Tragedy: the coming of . . . Guess What?

First, we read . . .

Cyrus The Great's Prayer @ Persepolis:

"God Bless Iran & Iranians"

Then . . .

From Iran-Online

. . . Since day one of mullahs' regime, Iranians are subject to unfair humiliation abroad by international communities due to rogue behavior of mullahs and their non-stop support for terrorism around the world to protect islamic and arab values, from 1000 miles away in Israel to next door Iraq. Disregarding Iran & Iranians' national interest is barefaced mullahs' name of the game. Mullahs care more about arabs in Israel and shits of najaf or karbala in south of Iraq than Iranian people or Iran's national interest inside or abroad. Mullahs' support goes for very same people whose trying to wipe us all off the planet, from our history to our name. The very same people while were so obsess with pan-arabism leadership of saddam, attacked Iran to manage second invasion barbaric arab muslims which failed miserably.

You may already be aware that the two major news agencies of BBC and Reuters have begun to refer to the "Persian Gulf" as the "Arabian Gulf!"

And Now, it is getting worse. National Geographic Society's mapmakers altered the 8th Edition of the society's influential Atlas of the World to include Arabian Gulf as an alternate name (in parentheses) under the traditional title. This is a slap in the face of any true Iranian, to sit back and watch these organizations deliberately, and systematically, try to wipe us off the face of the map!

These organizations know, or should know, that Iran, or Persia as they call her, is a country with an ancient civilization going back over thousands of years, and that the gulf to the south of Iran has always been called the "Persian Gulf" since the very first maps of those regions were drawn. For thousands of years, the people of ancient Persia and their descendants in modern Iran have called it the "Persian Gulf".

We suppose this is Reuters, BBC and now National Geographic's way of telling us that the West no longer considers us as Iranians (Persians), and that we are Arabs as far as they are concerned!

[The following is A Plea to Iranians]

Are you an arab?

Please, if you do consider yourself a true-blooded Iranian, write to these news agencies and organizations, express your discontent and disgust with their campaign that is aimed at erasing our identity and replacing it with those of the Arabs! We are particularly counting on those of us who live in the West, and have an easier access to computers and Internet, to be vigilant insofar as sending an email to these offending news agencies & organizations , and to encourage others to do the same. . . . tell these organizations: In a respectful way. . . BBC, Reuters and most importantly National Geographic. . . .

[end of "A Plea to Iranians"]

Did you guess correctly?

(what is "Iran's Tragedy?")

still not sure what it is?

Look at . . .



Civilizations Struggling Not To Die: 1. Persian Empire (Present Iran)

We have been struggling with Islam for 1400 years now. We are still alive! Lets keep our holy Persian Culture alive so we will not join the long list of old civilizations extinct by the Islam & presently called "Just another Arab Muslim State"!

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