Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The real hate-mongers

Red Squirrel writes:

Allah IS Shaitan and the Paradise that Jihadists crave is Sheol

I knew it! Shaitan is Evil and Paradise is Sheol ( well that's one way of putting it)

This ----is not a personal attack on Muslims. I have met some very nice people in my time who just happened to be Muslims, which I am sure we all have. This is a philosophical viewpoint, and it is my opinion and it belongs to me, an opinion which I am fully entitled to hold, express, and disseminate; it's my right as an independent, thinking, freedom loving and individual Human being.

The Far Left: The real hate-mongers

They hate me, so they call me a 'hater', they are control freaks so they call me a 'fascist,' I identify most strongly with my own cultural heritage, so they call me a 'Nazi'. I believe that people in general prefer to live among their own homogenous racial and cultural groupings, so they call me a 'racist' ( a highly ambiguous term anyway)

They do this to anyone who gets . . . Read on

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