Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IS Islam different from Every other World-View System?

Yes, Islam IS different!

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I am tired of people who know nothing about any religion state, almost as a self-evident axiom, that "All religions are the same." No they're not!

Islam is VERY different from Hindu Dharma. Let's talk statistics for a while, shall we? Can you guys guess what percentage of the verses in the Kuran speak of Kafirs? 63%! In other words, more than half the Kuran is simply hate speech about Kafirs. More than half! There is not one good thing Muhammad had to say about Kafirs. The Sira (his biography and collection of quotes and anecdotes) is more than 85% about his battles with Kafirs.

Islam IS about Kafirs. Get that right - Islam as a religion is about one topic alone - Kafirs. And we are all Kafirs. Yes, that's right. We are what Islam is about. The only problem is that Islam does not say "Love these guys." It says "hate them, kill them, behead them, humiliate them, "subdue" them, make them pay taxes, convert them..." Islam is all about "them" - the "them" being us Kafirs.

Islam is not a religion that focuses on itself and its people. It focuses on Kafirs. Isn't that strange - that a religion should focus not on itself but on those who are not in it? Islam is all about "the evil others - the Kafirs." The Kafirs who allowed Muhammad to do his thing when they could have killed him. But they showed great tolerance and let him mock and abuse them. But when he became powerful, he simply killed them or forcibly converted them to Islam.

Read the Upanishads (which form the spiritual core of Hindu Dharma). They don't even talk about "us" or "them." They simply discuss how the Atman (roughly translated to 'soul') is related to the unity underlying all creation (called the 'brahman'). There is absolutely no sectarian language there. No wonder Hindus, to this day, are unable to fully fathom this hateful ideology called Islam.

The Kuran is a manual of hatred and violence which seeks to divide humanity into "muslims" and "kafirs" and recommends permanent warfare between them. No wonder muslims are unable to live peacefully with any other community, anywhere. Because their religion only speaks of cultivating hatred towards others.

The world must no longer keep silent about this ideology. We must call it for what it is. Enough of the political correctness. Enough of the deafening silence. Islam declared war on us 1400 years ago. It is time we at least asked "Why?" Why are you killing us? What have we done? Just because an arab man 1400 years ago said you must kill us? Is that reason enough to abandon all humanity, all rationality?


  1. yes friend ur absalutely right, islam is dangerous to this world. hinduism never speaks about hate and wht i think there will be doomsday for muslims, only hindus can stop them. refer , , n pls refer these sites to ur frds

  2. Your points are well taken, my friend, and I shall continued to pound on these points so that more and more people in the World, including some Hindus in India and without, who should know better, realize that there is no way to deal with Islam but to reject its evil teachings and to stop the inroads that it is making every day into our societies.

    More Hindus such as Modi in Gujarat are needed to carry on the millenia-old Hindu resistance to Islam. Appeasers of Moslems and political whores that want to get Moslem votes are not. Communists only make excellent bedfellows for Mohammedans and are used by these worshippers of allah to spread this plague.

    I have and will continue to refer to the sites you mention. Be of good cheer. We have stopped Islam before--in the East and in the West, and we shall do so again, and again, until this evil--Islam--is eradicated from the Earth.