Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moslems Terrorists are Damned Liars!

Deceit by the recently arrested Islamics Najibullah ZAZI, his father, Mohammed ZAZI, and Queens mosque leader Ahmad Wais AFZALI

From Northeast Intelligence Network comes the following:

Islam, Najibullah ZAZI, a frog & a scorpion
Analysis & Editorial by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director,Northeast Intelligence Network

“There is no way I can have any connection to this terrorism.”

“I live here. I work here. Why would I have an issue with America?” “This is the only country that gives you freedom - freedom of religion, freedom of choice. You don’t get that elsewhere. Nobody wants to leave America. People die to come here.” –Najibullah ZAZI, now in custody on terrorism charges.

Najibullah ZAZI is a liar. His father, Mohammed ZAZI is a liar. And the Queens mosque leader Ahmad Wais AFZALI is a liar. . . . More

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