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In the War Against the jihad, "The Higher You Go, the Less They Know"

From Bill Warner's

The Higher You Go, the Less They Know

October 6, 2009

In general, we hope to find superior qualities in our leaders. If they have succeeded in climbing to the top of a hierarchy, we believe they should be smarter, more charming or something that is better than the average Joe. It is unfortunate, but there is one area where the higher the rank, the less the person knows. Perhaps there is a high ranking official in government, industry, education or the media that has a clue about the doctrine of political Islam, but they have not manifested this knowledge publicly.

Here are two examples of ignorance at the highest levels. General Stanley McChrystal gave his assessment of the war in Afghanistan. He gives us exceptional false insights. Insights that should be brilliant because his report included advice from “a multidisciplinary assessment of the situation in Afghanistan”.

It turns out that the “right” name for our enemy is “insurgents”, not jihadists, but insurgents.

A more forceful and offensive StratCom approach must be devised whereby INS [insurgents] are exposed continually for their cultural and religious violations, anti-Islamic and indiscriminate use of violence and terror, and by concentrating on their vulnerabilities. These include their causing of the majority of civilian casualties, attacks on education, development projects, and government institutions, and flagrant contravention of the principles of the Koran. These vulnerabilities must be expressed in a manner that exploits the cultural and ideological separation of the INS (insurgents) from the vast majority of the Afghan population.

Where does the military get its multidisciplinary assessment? Certainly they haven’t received information from anyone who knows the doctrine of political Islam.

At times McChrystal hints that he might understand what is happening.

“Many describe the conflict in Afghanistan as a war of ideas, which I believe to be true.”

However, nowhere in the 20,000 word report is there a single sentence devoted to the mind of jihad. The j word does not even occur. You have to read between the lines to fathom that Islam is involved. Instead, we have talk about “culture.” McChrystal is ignorant about Islam and the jihad he is trying to defeat.

An individual (from a private communication) who gives briefings on Islam to the military says that generals do not have any understanding about political Islam, nor do they even want to know. The lieutenant colonels and lower, understand the problem, but not the flag rank.

But you don’t have to be in the military to be a dhimmi-wit (a person with the mind of dhimmitude). This week, Sara Palin weighed in with her pronouncement that Indonesia was a fine democracy, which proves that Islam and the democratic process were compatible. In reality, the Indonesian democracy is bringing persecution of women, stoning of adulterers and gays, a creeping theocracy. The government wants to institute Sharia law with its oppression of all kafirs, including Christians.

In addition, Palin proclaimed that there was no war of civilization between us and Islam. She gives a long list of qualities that we will need to defeat the terrorists (there are no jihadists included in a dhimmi-wit’s thinking). But nowhere in her list is knowledge about the doctrine of political Islam and Sharia law.

She weighs in on the need to succeed in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, if we succeed in those countries we will have used our blood and treasure to put into place two constitutions that begin with the statement that Sharia law is the foundation of government. Sharia law is based upon ethical dualism and making the kafir submit in all political matters. This is insanity to support since Sharia law should be opposed in all ways at all times by all kafirs.

The problem is not limited to Palin and McChrystal, it is endemic to all of our leadership. You have to go to the bottom of the hierarchy to find any knowledge about Islam. If it is a church, then the congregation will have more knowledge than the minister. If it is the FBI, the agent on the ground will have a better understanding than the Director. Ditto for the universities and the media.

It matters little whether you are from the left or the right, dhimmi-wit leaders rule. The oddest thing is that having knowledge about political Islam means that you will be called a right-winger. Is knowledge conservative? Is ignorance liberal? Why can’t knowledge transcend politics?

All leaders should be asked the same questions: What are your ethics when you speak about Islam and know nothing about the actual doctrine or history? Why do you not want those who know to speak? Why do you try to silence those with knowledge?

We must demand better from of our leaders. How can our civilization survive being lead by ignorance, on the left and the right?

Bill Warner, October 6, 2009

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