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Is the United Kingdom (UK) Sliding into Islamization Without a Whimper?

Fjordman says

Tensions have been building slowly beneath the surface for many years and sooner or later these forces will be released in the form of a series of devastating earthquakes, followed by some secondary political and economic tsunamis. Some of the structures that currently appear to be rock solid will collapse like a house of cards during this period and the political landscape will change considerably. What appears unthinkable today will appear natural or inevitable twenty years from now. This is the discontinuity that El Inglés talks about. I would rank Britain as the Western European country most likely to first get a civil war caused by mass immigration and Multiculturalism.

There is no such thing as a universal nation. People want to live with their own kind. The only ones who are not allowed to do so are whites, and they are starting to get tired of this double standard. People of European origins are among the least ethnocentric people on the planet and are currently being penalized heavily for this. Self-preservation is a natural instinct for all living things down to plants and bacteria. It’s about time that whites reclaim the same right without apology. I am increasingly convinced that the developments we are witnessing are deliberate.

at Are We Heading for a Crash? Here's Someone Who Thinks We Are

EDL demonstrators in Birmingham in September
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UK Casuals United

Whose streets? Our streets.........


"Mail on Sunday publicity our response"

The newspaper, ostensibly the Sunday Mail apparently had an article about the Brits who resist the Islamization of their Isle that starts off with,

On Platform One at Bolton station a mob of around 100 men punch the air in unison. The chant goes up: 'Muslim bombers, off our streets, Muslim bombers off our streets...'

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CASUALS UNITED: Why do we say "No more Mosques"? Read this

Revealed: Muslim bomb plot gang's links to 'mega-mosque' in east London

Last updated at 4:20 PM on 09th September 2008

Ministers should review plans to build a "mega-mosque" in the East End in the wake of the airline bomb plot trial, the Tories urged today.

Shadow security minister Dame Pauline Neville-Jones said the case had shown that the group behind the mosque may have given cover to extremist activity.

Tablighi Jamaat, which describes itself an Islamic missionary organisation, is pushing for the mosque to be built next to the 2012 Olympics site in Stratford.

But the group was revealed in court as having links to some of the terror suspects, with several having passed through other mosques run by the group. . . .

British Defence Leagues against Islamic Takeover of the UK

English Defence League

Members of the Mercian Regiment pose for pictures with EDL members

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Welsh Defence League

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Scottish Defence League

Despite the lies of some members of the Scottish media we would like to confirm that the SDL is not a sectarian organisation and all members of Scottish society are welcome to join our protest against Islamic militant activity within our nation.

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Ulster Defence League

The UDL is a division of the EDL and supports their campaign against Islamic extremists abusing our troops returning from battlefields abroad and any further attempts to Islamify Britain.

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Headline: English Defence League supporters and Moslems clash

Birmingham Moslems told to confront peaceful protest against extremists

Times Online: Moslems urged to confront protest

December 2009
EDL: Notts speech - Church leaders acknowledge

NOTE: The red cross on the masks of the EDL defenders is that of St. George. It is the flag of England.

"This flag was in use during the crusades and it was one of the national emblems of England as early as 1277. In 1497, this flag was flown by John and Sebastian Cabot on their voyages from England to Newfoundland and the North American continent, as well as by other English explorers. including Francis Drake, Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh. Even after the adoption of the British Union, which combined both the St. George's cross and the St. Andrew's cross, the St. George's cross still was flown from the foremast of English ships. Thus, we see this flag above the Mayflower when it landed at Plymouth in 1620."

EDL - English Defence League Xenophobia in Nottingham, England


  1. I am sympathetic to your plight, but you have foolishly let your rights to arms be stripped from you. You may have the will to resist Islamization of England, but you do not have the means.

  2. When push comes to shove, the "right" to bear arm is not as important as the will to take up arms.

    This is especially important as we here in the U.S. have the Second Amendment, BUT with an Obama-appointed Supreme Court, this Amendment could well be "re-interpreted" as a "well-regulated militia" of citizens only being allowed to bear and keep arms.

    And who do you think will "regulate" This militia? Why the government--and it could well be a Marxist-Fascist government (Obama), who could meld these militias with the para-military force that he wants to raise, and envisions being as strong as, and standing alongside, our military.

    The point is, once the will to take up arms is strong enough, there are several ways to obtain these arms. Guerrillas obtain weapons from the enemy. Enough said, but think about who has arms in the UK, and who would . . . well--use your imagination.

    Look at the photographs in the post, and draw a conclusion.