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What's Going On in Kashmir?

from Faith Freedom International - - comes the following:

Kashmir: The Legion of Terror
By Ibrahim Lone

Let me begin by telling you what the war in Kashmir is about and what it is not about. Well for starters, the war in Kashmir is not about Freedom, Human rights, equality, right to self determination or anything that most Media tells you. What it is really about is Islam. Yes, what is going on in Kashmir is the direct result of the commands that are enshrined in the Holy Book of the Muslims, the Quran and the commands of their Prophet.

Brief History

So let us begin our short journey and try to get the facts straight for a change. The biggest lie that has been told about Kashmir is that the war in Kashmir is very recent and that Muslims were brutalized by the Hindus from mainland India and thus had to take up arms in order to save themselves. The fact of the matter is that this war has been going on since the beginning of India’s independence when the King of Jammu and Kashmir seceded territory to India. This was entirely his decision and based on the fact that he was frees to choose as per the accord between the British, Indians and Pakistanis.

However Pakistan which was already enraged at the prospect that even after launching a Jihad and killing millions of Hindus and Sikhs, they could only get such a small piece of land. As the children of Allah, they certainly deserved better even if they were numerically in a minority. Perhaps the British were not aware that Allah had given the earth as a gift to the Muslims, and showing sympathy to the Kuffar (non-believers) was a mortal crime.

Unhappy with what happened in Kashmir, Pakistanis sent waves of Pashtoon tribals into Kashmir, where they slaughtered thousands of Hindus and Sikhs at will, buttered babies, took the war booty that was due to them, raped the infidel women who were going to hell anyway. These are the very tribesmen who today lead the Taliban incidentally. After the India Army took over the war the tribals were driven back to the holes they had come from, sadly due to the intervention of UN India could not reclaim the territory know as Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which the Pakistanis fondly call Azad Kashmir or Free Kashmir.

Anyway, what happened next is that the Kashmir valley along with Leh and Jammu joined the Indian nation as a new state called Jammu& Kashmir. Now the three regions were ethnically, religiously and lingualy different from each other. While the Jammu region is predominantly Hindu, Leh was is a Buddhist region with no affinity to either Kashmir or Jammu. The Kashmir valley composed of Muslims with a large minority of Hindus and a few Sikhs.

Soon after India’s Independence the Muslims of Kashmir valley understood that physical reunion with Pakistan was possible only if they lead a low intensity war which would slowly bleed India and force them to seceded not just the Kashmir valley but also the rest of the regions. For this very reason the Kashmir politicians, all of whom were Muslims raised demand for a special status to be awarded to the Jammu and Kashmir state. This demand resulted into something know as the 370 Act. According to this act in the Indian Constitution every resident of J&k could buy or sell immovable property in any part of India while the same favor was not extended to those belonging to the rest of the parts of India.

This was a very clever strategic move by the Muslim politicians, as they knew that the Hindus and Buddhists could never match them in procreating and increasing numbers. Hence was laid the foundation for all future proxy wars against the Indian Kuffar.

Furthermore the Muslims politicians cleverly divided the Kashmir region in to more districts than we due considering the Kashmir valley composes only 2% of the land mass of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. On the other hand the entire Jammu region which was many times larger in terms of area as well as population was converted to a single constituency. Same was the case with the Leh region.

Not the very distant past and the present

Now the question that you would ask is that what did the Kashmiri Muslims achieve by doing this, well a lot of things. Firstly the valley region was grossly overrepresented and the rest of the regions were totally underrepresented in the Jammu& Kashmir assembly. Due to this all the Pro-Muslims and Anti Non-Muslim laws could be passed with any resistance. Furthermore the J&K government which was only represented by the Muslims of the Kashmir valley had hegemony over the entire state and its policies. As a result of this hegemony all the money that came from the Central Government was diverted into the valley region in a way that it would specifically benefit the Muslims.

Besides the Muslims in power in Kashmir also devised a very heinous ploy, i.e., to carry out massive conversions in the Leh region which has deprived till then. Actually this deprivation was a very clever ploy which found its origin in the Qur’an and the sunnah, which imposed the Jizziyaa on Non-Muslims. So the economic deprivation was the new form of Jizziyya for the Islamists governing Kashmir. As a result many people were lured into Islam by offering money and better economic prospects. This was of course a clever ploy and the Kashmir Muslim only wanted these people to convert to ease their claim for succession from India. Today there are many colonies of Muslims in the Leh region who’s contact with Islam is not more 40 years which is exactly the time when these coerced conversions took place.

Even the admission process was controlled by the Chief Minister of state as a result of which the most meritorious Hindus and Sikhs could not even dream of getting an admission into a professional college, while the worst of Muslim students got to become Doctors and Engineers.

Besides ample amounts of money coming from the Central Government were diverted into funding Madarssas, Islamic shrines, Mosques Islamic study centers etc. All this was done while not even a dime was given to the minorities in order to help protect their places of worship. These Madarssas served as the breeding grounds for the future Jihadis who were brainwashed since their childhood. Of course we cannot neglect the Pakistani help which the Kashmir Muslims have been getting since the beginning of this low intensity war. Now Pakistan is only the front face of the real people behind the funding activities. After all it would be naïve to expect that a country which has barely $3 billion in reserves could manage to fund such a campaign in Kashmir. So what was the source, it could be just about anybody’s guess. The same regimes which are involved in funding terror all over the world were involved here too and they were able to secure their agenda quite well.

The above listen events and facts were only about the political angle; now let us explore the terror angle which is what the misinformation part is all about.

The terrorists aided and abetted by the masters started their Islamic Jihad against India in the year 1989. At this time the ordinary Muslims joined hands with their brethren from Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc to defeat the Kuffar who had been feeding till that time. A war cry was raised throughout the valley. The chantation of Allahu Akbar became the most integral part of the rallies which were taken out by the ordinary Muslims. Loudspeakers inside the Mosques declared that the Hindus and Sikhs had two choices, either to stay back in valley and die or to leave their women folk behind and leave the valley. Not a very good option. They were not even given the option of converting to Islam.

Thereafter began the dance of death and destruction which lasted for about the time till the Hindus and Sikhs had to leave their home in the Valley. Hindu homes were torched, looted at will. Hindu women were deprived of their honor on the streets. All this happened in the knowledge of the Indian Government, who in the fear of upsetting the Muslims around the world, let the Kashmir Muslims carry out their slaughter.

Today these Hindus live in camps where the living conditions are worse than those for farm animals. They have no hope left for their future and cannot even dream of going back to the Kashmir valley for fear of being killed by the ordinary Muslims.

The war in Kashmir valley was not fought by the armed Jihadis alone; the common Muslims had a large contribution too. For without their support it would have been impossible for the Jihadis to survive this long.


In conclusion all I would like to tell those who have been reading this article is to sit back and think how all this happened while the world was watching and how the people were fooled into believing something that never happened.

Share with others to save the Humanity.

Posted By Ibrahim Lone
On February 27, 2009 @ 6:58 am
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There is no Moderate Muslim Country or Successful Islamic Democracy

There is no Moderate Muslim Country or Successful Islamic Democracy

[this post was arrived at via]

Reader comment on article: Red Mosque in Rebellion
in response to reader comment: Islam is not a true Religion , but In fact it is a deadly cult of Terror , Arson , Rape , Bloodshed , Massacres , Forced Conversions and Death !

Submitted by Caroline (India), Aug 3, 2007 at 08:56

There is no Moderate Muslim Country or Successful Islamic Democracy because Islam and Freedom cannot coexist in the same way Muslims cannot exist with Non Muslims peacefully .Here are the examples,
1) Iraq : Terror Attacks everyday , Hundreds of Thousands murdered

2) Iran : Ayatullah - Mullah Regime which cleansed its minorities and now pursuing Nuclear Program with a clear aim to wipe out Israel and threaten the rest.

3) Lebanon : It was peaceful when Christians had majority but Local Lebanese Muslims with the help of Palestinian Terror Groups started civil war in which Islamists massacred thousands of innocent non muslims and now Lebanon is now hotbed of Terrorists like Hizbullah

4) Syria : Its ruled by Dictator like Asad which has close ties with rogue countries like Iran and which openly shelters Terrorists like Khalid Meshal ( Hamas ) and has allowed Iran to use its Territorry to supply weapons to Terrorist Hizbullah in Lebanon.

5) Jordan : No Democracy and its matter of time when Majority of arab population which identify themselves as Palestinians stage a bloody coup and massacre family of King Abdullah and establish a Hamas type Terrorist Government.

6) Egypt : Muslim Brotherhood getting support . Even Al Qaida number 2 Ayman Al Jawahiri is from Egypt and planning to assasinate Hoxni Mubarak to establish rule of Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida.

7) Sudan : Millions massacred by Janzaweed Militia which is supported by Arabic Muslim Jehadis.

8) Somalia : Muslim Fanatic has murdered hundreds and now they have sheltered many Al Qaida agents which are using Somalia as a base to spread its network in Uganda , Tanzania , Eritrea , Ethiopia ,etc.

9) Indonesia : Most populous muslim country in the world where Christians were beheaded in day light and even Indonesian Military is engaged in ethnic cleansing of non muslim minorities.

10) Pakistan : This country was created on the basis of Islam and it has long association with Jehadi Terrorism . Almost all Islamic Terror attacks in the world has some links or connection to Pakistan or Pakistani Expatriates directly or indirectly.Now it has became the base of Al Qaida and headquarters of World Jehad Movement . We can never ever win this war against Terror before we root out Terrorism and Al Qaida from Pakistan. Even there is a great danger that Jehadis are planning to use Pakistan Nukes to take World Hostage and demand withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan . All Democratic Leaders like Nawaz Sharif , Benjir Bhutto and Altaf Hussain are in exile and democray destroyed long back by Army Dictators. Mullah - Military - Mafia alliance have provided the safest haven for all sort of Muslim Terrorist Groups.

11) Bangladesh : Most Popular Democractic Leader Sheikh Hasina is in Prison by Dictators and Islamic Parties have captured the ground . Al Qaida allied with HUJI ( Harkat al Jehad Islami ) and planning Terrorism in and around Bangladesh.

12) Turkey : Islamist AKP Party have again elected in Turkey with overwhelming majority and Islamising Turkey cleverly with preparing to enter European Union inorder to Islamise Europe from within.

13) Saudi Arabia : Global Financer of Hate by bankrolling Wahabi Propaganda Structure around the world . Saudi Petro Dollars have financed many Mosques and Militant Imams all over the world.

14) Yemen : Islamists are spreading their propaganda and Al Qaida is getting recruits from Yemen . Terrorists targetted USS Cole from Yemen.

15) GCC Countries : UAE , Kuwait , Oman , Bahrain , Qatar are members of GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) and They are considered to be allies of West but the rich muslims in these Countries have supported many Terror Groups by Donating Money as " Jakat " to Islamic Charities which was further channeled to Islamist Groups.

16) Uzbekistan : Uzbek Islamist Groups are allied with Tabkeeghis from Pakistan to establish Islamist Rule in Central Asia .

17) Judea / Samaria / Gaza : Muslim Arabs have elected Hamas Terrorists. Now its the Jehadis who control and are openly engaged in Terrorism to murder maximum innocent Jews in Israel.

and Islamists are gaining ground in almost all Islamic Countries .

Situation in Non Muslim Countries are more dangerous , Few Examples ,

1) Israel : 30 % Muslims acting as fifth columns to support Hamas and Fatah. They openly term Israel's independence as " Naqba " or " Disaster " .They are waging a Terrorist war to Intimidate Israelis and also waging a Demographic war to outnumber Jews in their only Homeland.

2) Nigeria : 45 % Muslims have established rule of Shariat in North and now advancing towards south to murder maximum Christians and Islamise Full Nigeria.

3) Russia : 26 % Muslims are growing faster with the help of Immigrants from Central Asian " Muslimstans" and now Chechnya , Ingushetia , Dagestan is burning in fire of Jehad.

4) China : Muslims were majority in Xingxiang Province of China and Uighur Muslims are being trained in Madrassas of Pakistan and they also have many Islamist Groups waging a movement to seperate this province into an Islamic Nation of Uighur Muslims.

5) Europe : 20 Million Muslims in Europe are claiming all the benefits in Europe Liberal Societies and using Democratic Rights to grow their strength to turn Europe into Eurabia.

6) United Kingdom : Islamist Attacks of 7 / 7 shows that Londonistan is hotbed of Islamist Terror and its matter of time when we will witness Bombs exploding in Birmingham , Manchester , Kent , Cardiff , Belfast , etc. Islamists will wage such a Terror War in UK that Britons will forget IRA and Seine Fiene Activism.

7) India : Majority of World's Muslims live in India . Almost 200 Million Muslims that is 20 % of India's Population are Muslims. Muslims Terror Groups have attacked almost every institution in India including Indian Parliament , Temples , Churches , Assembly, halls , Cinemas , Trains , Buses , Aeroplanes. Now they are systematically working for Islamisation of India in next 15 years at the same Terrorism is used as a weapon to silence those critics who dare of expose Islamsim or oppose Terrorism.

Another Comment to the Daniel Pipes post:

Pakistan is epicenter of Islamist Terrorism...
Reader comment on article: Red Mosque in Rebellion
Submitted by Counter Terrorism (India), Dec 31, 2008 at 13:09

Pakistan is Head Quarters of Global Jehadi Islamic Terrorists Groups..
Without invading Pakistan , we cannot win the War against Terror..
The war is inevitable..Sooner or later , we have to finish this war to finish...
Lets not forget the 26/11 Terror Attacks in Mumbai...
Its duty of every citizen to oppose Terrorism and be alert and vigilant...and watch those who are living in India but dreaming about Pakistan aka Jehadistan aka Islamistan aka Muglistan...

Islamic Apartheid in the West

Gates of Vienna: Islamic Apartheid in the West: " . . . there are Muslim enclaves arising all over in Western countries. This is not new. The only novelty will be the first enclave [in Australia] that denies access to “infidels”. In Canada, for example, not so long ago the first Muslim town came to be. Canada is a multicultural country, where the followers of Islam enjoy all the Western freedoms. In 2007 in the vicinity of Toronto, the Muslims built the first purely Islamic city, called “Peace Village”. In a portion of the city are street names such as Mahmood Street, Nasir and Tahrir Street, Noor-ud-Dins Street, and Mosque Gate. And there is a mosque in which women and men pray separately.

It is the first purely Islamic city on the American continent. More will follow. The first language of the Muslims living there is not English, but Urdu (official language of Pakistan). There the Muslims are amongst themselves. In the area of the “peace city” at Lake Ontario there used to be a Christian church, the “Teston United Church”. This has been demolished and what was still left was sold at auction. Nobody is enraged about this. For in the end it was replaced by a Muslim “peace city”."

More at Gates of Vienna: Islamic Apartheid in the West

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Moslems in India

The Muslims would rather transform India into an Arab country


more . . .

. . . soon I understood that the real threat for the country did not came from the west but from quite a different place. It sprang from the very bottom of the Indian society, from a large community of people, unexpectedly implanted during the last thousand years in its very womb, sucking its life juices. I speak about the Islam community.

I heard about presence of Islam threat in the country from my Indian friends when they pointed to me some Muslim in the crowd and commented that his co-believers refuse to fulfil the programs of the government for family planning and have purposefully 10-15 children, whereas the Hindus have only 3-4. For me India was the country of the wandering philosophers and the yogis, the sacred land of the Vedas, the Upanishads and Gita.

I grasped more clearly the real size of the threat when in the spring of 1993 I found myself in a remote village in eastern Bihar. Eighty percent of the residents were Muslims and twenty - Hindus. The monopoly of the first over the social life was total. The signs were everywhere written not in Devangari but with the Arab alphabet. The appearance of most of the villagers, their way of clothing, even their face expression spoke that these people not only look like Arabs but that they felt like Arabs, thought like Arabs and their umbilical cord with India is cut (later I would find that the Islam religion is able to leave traces on the faces of people and mould them.)

Night and day every several hours from the loudspeaker of the minaret, the prayer of the muezzin was blasting out and did not allow the Hindus, neither the tourists nor those Muslims who did not follow strictly the religious prescriptions, to sleep in peace. I had the feeling that I was not here in India - the land of Buddha and Shri Shankaracharya, but somewhere in the Middle East.

I realized that in the last thousand years India had changed a lot, and for the first time in her millenary history one foreign and hostile to her real essence body was implanting. Everywhere in the big Indian cities I could see the growing Muslim quarters, with their characteristic architecture, with their slaughterhouses, they were everywhere, closed communities, hostile, looking with disdain and disgust at the surrounding community of the “impious”. Over hundred million subjects of Republic India had in fact nothing in common with her, because their heart was a thousand kilometers from here - somewhere in the Middle East. They felt as citizens of the invisible Pakistan (and demonstrated it), citizens of the World Caliphate and wanted to be foreigners in their own country.

I have often asked myself what was so specific about the Muslim self-conscience that prevents it from getting integrated with any other? Why the Christians, Buddhists, Judeans, Sikhs or Jains can live in harmony with India and enrich her culture, but the followers of Mohamed can not? The Islam is not just a total religion, it is a nationality. Its followers all over the world felt like part of God-chosen nation, which stands over the rest. The people who profess other religions are considered to be “impious” and in the case of the Hindus, worse - for “pagan”. The Muslims would rather transform India into an Arab country, but they would never become real Indians. Until they are minority in a certain country they would lead a closed life in their shell, keeping aside from the social and state life, but when they become a majority they would impose with an iron fist their understanding about the society over the other religious communities, without showing consideration for nothing.


Where Islam settled, the traditional culture before long disappeared. Those regions in which it outweighed, were brutally cut from the bosom of the Indian civilization and annexed to the Semitic. The bloody violence over the local population from the invaders, and also the treason of millions of Hindus, who betrayed the bequest of their own religions helped for the spreading of the new religion. Century by century the Arab doctrine spread around the country of the Vedas like a cancer in an diseased person in order to encompass in our days almost 30% of its population. If this expansion does not stop and 380 belief apostates of the subcontinent do not understand the character of the sin committed by their ancestors, India is threatened in the next 1-2 centuries to follow the destiny of the Zoroastrian Iran which 1300 years ago disgracefully surrendered to the warriors of the crescent moon.

More at The (Islamic) Barbarians Inside India's Gates

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17 February 2009 05:02

Najistani said...


The Muslims are currently waging a propaganda war against us, trying to intimidate us and weaken our morale. They are also trying to destroy our right to free expression with regard to criticism of Islam.

We need to counteract this by destroying their morale and belief in their death-cult, but to do this we need to understand their psychology.

The Muslim mind is pre-rational, predatory and tribal. Appeals to reason are no use because they believe that faith is superior to reason, and the fact that the Koran is full of contradictions doesn't bother them in the slightest. Islam hasn't had an enlightenment and is still in the Dark Ages. In fact, the cult justifies itself in terms of a power-structure maintained by physical threats and lynch-mobs rather than reason or spirituality.

Appeals to normal human decency as an antidote to Islam are pointless. Muslims believe it is their duty to kill, maim, rape, swindle and rob the kaffirs (unbelievers) - this is an intrinsic part of their cult. The 'Golden Rule' - 'do unto others as you would they do unto you' , does not extend beyond the boundaries of the Ummah-tribe. So displaying picture of the aftermath of Muslim atrocities is a waste of time - this will actually encourage them. Many Muslim men and boys get sexually aroused by watching jihad-snuff videos of kaffirs being tortured and beheaded.

Pointing out that Muslims are useless parasites on the West is also not going to make them change their ways, because that's what they are unashamedly here for.

The way to get at them, is to damage their inflated and fragile egos. Because Muslims are at a tribal state of pre-civilised development, they venerate the totems of their tribe, and will go into tantrums if these are 'disrespected'.

Like unstable adolescents they are constantly seeking 'significance' and 'respect'. The quest for 'significance' often appears as dhimmi TV programs and exhibitions which claim that the Muslims invented everything and the success of the West is due to Islam.

The quest for 'respect' is aimed at silencing any criticism of their death-cult by use of bullying, intimidation and censorship. The UK Muslim party is called 'Respect'.

Islam is an honor/shame and dominance/subjugation culture, which places great emphasis on humiliation, both avoidance by self and infliction on other.

Allah is the only deity that can be 'humiliated' by humans!

Muslims do not want kafirs to like them, in fact they are not allowed to take kaffirs as friends. Muslims expect to be feared and hated (the gangsta's version of respect) by the kafirs. However what they don't expect is to be mocked. This is their great weakness, as Ali Sina pointed out.

Above all, Muslims expect to be taken seriously, they just can't stand being ridiculed themselves, and especially having their totems ridiculed. In fact, since every Muslim models himself on Mohammed - 'the perfect man' - to insult Mohammed is to insult each and every Muslim. This is what the cartoon riots were about.

So to undermine Muslims' self worth and destroy their morale, we need to ridicule and humiliate their three major totems - Allah, Mohammed and the Koran. Note that because of their pre-rational state, intellectual criticism is relatively ineffective in producing a response. The totems have to be physically 'humiliated' to get masses of Muslims into rage mode.

So theological critique of Allah, a biography of Mohammed or textual criticism of the Koran might attract a few death threats, but it won't cause full scale riots. However, if Allah appears on an ice-cream wrapper , Mohammed in a cartoon , or the Koran is parodied or left down a toilet , then a billion fragile egos are punctured.

More mockery, satire, 'desecration', humiliation and unfettered exercise of free speech can be found at Muslim jokes.
17 February 2009 23:57

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What about the BNP (British National Party)? Should We Who Are against the Anti-Islamic Takeover of Our Lands . . .

. . . Ally Ourselves With These Believers That the UK Should NOT Be Another Islamic Enclave in Europe?

A Tricky Question . . .

Read the pros and investigate the cons at

For the lowdown on the BNP, from these anti-Islamics themselves, see

Here's a nice example of why we're on the same side--a Comment at

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The very sight of these towel headed pyjama wearers marching through our streets should spread disgust through the hearts of every true British citizen. As they chant in their foreign tongues and hold their hands to their hearts they are demonstrating their contempt for us and their determination to exclude us from our rightful ancient homeland. Unless we can convince the British people to act soon, and the sooner the better, then we had best prepare our children and grand children for a life of servitude and desperation. It is now very simple. Either we act and take back our country or we sink beneath a tidal wave of dark age religious barbarity. There is no alternative. Who will galvanise the nation and lead us in a determined revolt? Maybe we could borrow a warlord from Afghanistan. They seem to have plenty to spare and after all, their country has never been conquered- though the taliban came pretty close.
16 February 2009 11:08



Ironically, those who shout 'racism' the loudest usually support the anti-white racism that exists in Britain today. Indigenous British people are now second-class citizens in their own country. Immigrants from the third world get so-called 'positive discrimination', while Whites are sent to the back of the line. The Afro-Caribbean’s have a Black History Month, which exaggerates and glorifies Black achievements, Black culture, and African history, while White-British history is ridiculed, scoffed at and lied about. The Muslims have an Islamic Awareness Week, while Christianity (the religion of the majority of British people) is completely ignored. It seems that 'racism' is only bad if it benefits White people in any way. If it benefits non-Whites, then it's a good thing.

The BNP Website:

The The BNP Chronicle announced A Slight Change of Direction on February 18, 2009:

If the main BNP site publishes it then we won't be, the reproduction of their articles was deemed necessary if the Chronicle was to act as an archive for future reference.

From now on, this site will only produce original articles on stories that the main site has missed. We hope it will become the site that you visit after you have visited the official site and that this site supplements whatever news you may have read there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Precondition for Peace with Moslems:

Genuine realism requires a theological understanding of the enemy. Genuine realists know that territorial compromise with Muslims only whets their appetite for further aggression. Genuine realists know there are no empirical grounds to expect Muslims to renounce Jihadism—the precondition of peace—unless they are so devastated as to expunge their desire to wage war for a hundred years—as the Allied powers did to Nazi Germany.

--Paul Eidelberg

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Hussein Obama Shows His True Colors (Moslem Green)

B. Hussein Obama Shows His True Color (Moslem Green)



The only change is the US rewarding Iran for not changing their ways (supporting Hamas, Hezbollah, developing nukes, threatening to wipe Israel off the map).....
Over at Weasel Zippers, via GWP

.....The United States has abandoned its policy of sanctioning companies that aid Iran's nuclear and missile program, they said. The officials said the new Obama administration of has decided to end sanctions against Iranian government agencies or companies that aid Teheran's missile and nuclear program. The officials said Israel has been informed of the new U.S. policy. "We were told that sanctions do not help the new U.S. policy of dialogue with Iran," an official said. Barak confirmed the new U.S. policy. In an address to the Herzliya Conference on Feb. 3, Barak said Washington did not say whether it would resume sanctions against Iran. "We must arrive at a strategic understanding with the United States over Iran's military nuclear program and ensure that even if at this time they opt for the diplomatic option, it will only last a short time before harsh and necessary sanctions are imposed," Barak said. Obama decided to end sanctions against Iranafter determining that the U.S. measures had failed to block Teheran's missile or nuclear weapons program, officials said. Under the administration of former President George Bush, the United States accelerated sanctions on Iran in 2008.
Rest here>>>

Hussein Obama,

Weasel or Coward--or both?

(No photo of B. Hussein Obama will be published here. Suffient photos and TV images of the person are extant--ad nauseam)

Not a Coward:

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WHY WE FIGHT . . . or better yet, Why We Must Fight!

for they have been commanded by their long-dead rabble-rousing charlatan to kill or maim us, 'less we accept his garbled half- and untruths that his diseased mind fashioned from what he heard (he couldn't read) of the extant scriptures:

(the following is quoted from "Geert Wilders and the Mendacious Very Little Green Craven One (and His Mindless Minions)")

(koranic verses from USC-Muslim Student Association Compendium of Muslim Texts, Pickthall Translation)

(9:5) Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.;

(9:28) O ye who believe! The idolaters only are unclean. So let them not come near the Inviolable Place of Worship after this their year. If ye fear poverty (from the loss of their merchandise) Allah shall preserve you of His bounty if He will. Lo! Allah is Knower, Wise.;
(4:101) And when ye go forth in the land, it is no sin for you to curtail (your) worship if ye fear that those who disbelieve may attack you. In truth the disbelievers are an open enemy to you.;
(9:123) O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).;
(4:56) Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise.;
(9:23) O ye who believe! Choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they take pleasure in disbelief rather than faith. Whoso of you taketh them for friends, such are wrong-doers.;
(9:37) Postponement (of a sacred month) is only an excess of disbelief whereby those who disbelieve are misled; they allow it one year and forbid it (another) year, that they may make up the number of the months which Allah hath hallowed, so that they allow that which Allah hath forbidden. The evil of their deeds is made fairseeming unto them. Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk;
(5:57) O Ye who believe! Choose not for guardians such of those who received the Scripture before you, and of the disbelievers, as make a jest and sport of your religion. But keep your duty to Allah if ye are true believers.;
(33:61) Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.;
(21:98) Lo! ye (idolaters) and that which ye worship beside Allah are fuel of hell. Thereunto ye will come.;
(32:22) And who doth greater wrong than he who is reminded of the revelations of his Lord, then turneth from them. Lo! We shall requite the guilty.;
(48:20) Allah promiseth you much booty that ye will capture, and hath given you this in advance, and hath withheld men’s hands from you, that it may be a token for the believers, and that He may guide you on a right path.;
(8:69) Now enjoy what ye have won [in war], as lawful and good, and keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.;
(66:9) O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Hell will be their home, a hapless journey’s end.;
(41:27) But verily We shall cause those who disbelieve to taste an awful doom, and verily We shall requite them the worst of what they used to do.;
(41:28) That is the reward of Allah’s enemies: the Fire. Therein is their immortal home, payment forasmuch as they denied Our revelations.;
(9:111) Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph.;
(9:68) Allah promiseth the hypocrites, both men and women, and the disbelievers fire of hell for their abode. It will suffice them. Allah curseth them, and theirs is lasting torment.;
(8:65) O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred, and if there be of you a hundred (steadfast) they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence.;
(5:51) O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.;
(9:29) Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.;
(5:14) And with those who say: “Lo! we are Christians,” We made a covenant, but they forgot a part of that whereof they were admonished. Therefore We have stirred up enmity and hatred among them till the Day of Resurrection, when Allah will inform them of their handiwork.;
(4:89) They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose no friend nor helper from among them;
(9:14) Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.”

Quotations of the foregoing poisonous verses from Andrew Bostom: "Geert Wilders and the Mendacious Very Little Green Craven One (and His Mindless Minions)" at
via 'WAR IS DECEIT" - Little Green Liars at Atlas Shrugs

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Geert Wilders Denied Entry into (The Islamic) UK

Terrorist Bull's Eye on India: A Threat to the West

Terrorist Bull's Eye on India: A Threat to the West : Guest Blog by Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin at THE CRIMINAL REPORT DAILY by David Lohr

[Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin is an expert criminal profiler who has studied and investigated serial killers for over 20 years. At the request of police agencies around the world, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin has profiled hundreds of serial murders, aberrant sex crimes, sadistic murders, serial rapes, stalking, abductions, and other unusual cases. Visit Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin's Website at:]

November 26, 2008, it has been reported that terrorists have struck at 7 sites in India. Gunmen have attacked targets which include hotels in Mumbai. At least 20 people are dead. people are dead. This brings a very important threat to light. In my book Disturbed: Terrorist Behavioral Profiles, I discussed this risk in the conclusion section because based on what I have seen, India is at a great risk.

Israel, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Spain, U.K., United States, and so many oher countries face the growing threat of terrorism. And then there is India. Interestingly, India has seen a dramatic increase in these crimes. As the years have passed, India has argued with Pakistan over Kashmir. As a result, terror attacks within India have risen. Some say that Pakistan is behind the attacks which have rocked the fast growing country. There is a jihad against Hindus in Kashmir, and this carries to India. Radical Muslims are angered by many things about Hindus. One, they are descendants of a Jewish tribe. Second, they are considered idolaters because they worship the cow. And of course, Muslims feel persecuted in India because of their religion. The anger can carry over and produce violent attacks.

Abu Salem was involved in the 1993 Mumbai bombings which killed 278 victims. These bombings were attributed to revenge against the killings of hundreds of Muslims by the Hindu Shiv Sena political party (BBC, 2005). Muslims felt that they were being treated unfairly and even thrown off sports teams due to their allegiance to Islam. Specifically, Mohammad Azharuddin was fired from his position of captain of the Cricket team. Additionally, Muslims were angry because Hindus would not allow Muslims to be elected to power positions. There is still anger between lower cast Indians and the Muslims who have been flocking into India with oil money (Ashraf, 1999).

In 2005, terrorists blew up a Janpur commuter train and killed 13 victims. Similarly, October 29, 2005, terrorists set off several bombs in New Dehli killing 61 victims. In March 2006, terrorists blew up Varanasi which is the Hindu holy city. In the multiple bombings, 28 people were killed and over 100 injured. Within four months, another series of bombings targeted commuter trains again in Mumbai. At least 209 people were killed and over 700 victims were harmed. This particular attack was linked to al-Qaeda which was said to fund the attack. Mohammad Atta, the leader of the martyrs who carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks trained with 3 men who were involved in the Mumbai attack (South Asian Intelligence Review, 2006). And the bombings continued as the terrorists returned to a religious target and set off a bomb at a Hindu temple close to Imphal. Nearly 50 people were wounded and 5 were killed.

The next attack occurred on September 8, 2006, terrorists targeted a Muslim cemetery in Malegaon during Shab-e-Baraat. Shab-e-Baraat is a very holy night in Islam when Muslims travel to the cemetery to pray for their ancestors. The three bombs (rigged to bicycles) killed 37 people.

In August 2007, there were simultaneous bombings at Hyderabad killing 44 and injuring 54. On October 14th, a bomb went off at the Shingar Cinema and killed 6 people. Government officials blame Islamic extremists and suggest that the extremists want to exacerbate relations between Muslims and Hindus. Again, Pakistan's involvement is questioned.

In May 2008, several, serial bombs went off in Jaipur which is a tourist area. The 8 bombs killed 80 and injured over 200 victims. These bombings took place in the state Rajasthan beginning at 7:30 p.m. and lasted approximately 12 minutes. Rajashtan is where the Bharatiya Janata Party rules. It has been argued that this group leans toward the Muslim minority who live in Rajasthan. This is seen as pandering and thus allowing extremism to grow (CNN, 2008).

On July 25, 2008, nine bombs exploded and killed 2 people in Bangalore. The very next day, 16 bombs went off and killed 18 people in Ahmedabad. Then in September 2008, another series of bombs went off. The Indian Mujahedeen stated that they were the ones who let off the 6 bombs which have killed 18 and injured 40 in New Delhi.

In one year, India was only second behind Iraq in the number of terror attacks. There are several terror groups, and these groups have even cooperated to inflict more damage. This has caused great problems for India because its Intelligence had long focused on one group at a time. With many groups being active, India’s problems are bound to increase, particularly with the lack of cooperation between government agencies. Islamic extremists continually try to stoke the flames of anger between Hindu and Muslim by targeting religious sites. Terror groups operating include:

• Unnamed: Indian terrorists with no open affiliation
• SIMI: Students' Islamic Movement of India
• Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (Bangladeshi militants)
• LeT: Lashkar-e-Taiba
• JeM: Jaish-e-Muhammed (Pakistan based group)

I put this information in the conclusion because India is a country to watch. It faces many difficulties in dealing with its increasing threat. Because the country is friendly with the West, it is vulnerable. Many companies outsource work to India. These jobs include everything from computer programming and design, to architecture, to radiology. With such sensitive data and the social problems caused by Kashmir, India will be a growing target in the future. As a nuclear power with a massively growing economy, there are security issues that will be ignored or overlooked. This presents a grave danger. Very few restrictions are put into place when employees are hired in India. Screenings are minimal at best. The potential to sabotage is high. It will have a growing bull’s eye on its infrastructure because of its rich access to Western countries. If any well organized terror group decides to go after India, many countries face devastating impacts. India is at high risk.

Photo Credits: Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin: Violent Crimes Institute, LLC; Terrorist: iStock

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How to Win in Afghanistan

Yes, the only way to achieve ultimate victory there:

How to Win in Afghanistan
How to beat the Jihad there

Read it and wake up! All else is folly!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Islam: Ignorance as a Political Point of View

Rational thought and facts are the only tools we have to combat political Islam. On the basis of facts and logic, the kafirs beat the dhimmis and the Muslims, every time. But rational thought is being declared an enemy of the Newstate. The Newstate is the government, the media, and the universities. They all work as one team now. The war against political Islam has become a war to preserve the remnants of rational/critical thought. It is the purpose of the Newstate to eliminate critical/rational thought and analysis. The battle is not with Islam; the battle is with us and how we think.

There is a rational basis for discussing Islam, but people do not want a rational basis because they really don’t want to open the box and look inside. There is a profound fear of actually looking into the eyes of Mohammed and knowing the mind of Islam. Fear, because we feel ourselves to be in the position of a spouse who has suspicions that their partner is cheating on them. If they found out that their suspicions were true, they would have to do something, so it seems better not to know. To keep us from asking questions and wanting to know, the Newstate has declared knowledge about Islam is to be called bigotry. We just don’t do that, you know, discuss Islam. It is not proper behavior. Bigots don’t like Muslims. Isn’t being afraid of Islam called Islamo-phobia? Exerting critical thought about Islam gets you labeled as mentally and ethically ill. The primary weapon of the Newstate against knowledge is name-calling and insults. To have knowledge about political Islam is a crime against the Newstate.

It is a crime because the authority of the Newstate has decreed it to be so. The genius of the Newstate is knowing that if facts are made a civil crime then critical thought cannot begin. For this reason, the media never, but never, connects the dots of what is happening with political Islam.

We are beginning to mimic the thinking process of Islam. Islam does not allow critical thought, because critical thought is based upon doubt. Doubt might cause you to ask questions like: “Why was Mohammed having the heads of 800 male Jews cut off? Why were the women and children sold in wholesale lots to get money for financing jihad?”

The Newstate has decreed what knowledge is allowed and what knowledge is forbidden. We have lists of ideas that cannot be argued in public without some sort of censor. Go to any university, newspaper or government agency and see if you can discuss:

The role of Islam in world slavery
In a women’s studies class, see if you can discuss how Sharia law oppresses women around the world
The history of dhimmi
The Islamic annihilation of Buddhist culture in Afghanistan
The role of political Islam in the Israel/”Palestinian” war
See if there is any critical thought about Islam anywhere in the school, newspaper, or government agency

See if you can get the local paper to run any articles on the above. Maybe National Public Radio will do a segment. Not! If you try to get the Rotary club or a local church to talk about any of these and you will find no forum. No one wants to know. You better not talk about it at work, either. If Human Resources hears about it you will be in deep bigot country.

Everybody knows this is at the same cultural level of knowing not to “break wind” in public. You just don’t talk about Islam in public territory. It is like telling N-word jokes. It’s not done.

We call this constraint of public discourse political correctness. Islam has a word for political correctness—haram, meaning it is forbidden. The Newstate now enforces what is allowed (halal) and what is forbidden (haram). Islamic knowledge has always been authoritative and now the Newstate is demanding the authority to tell us when to speak or not to speak. So, the Newstate enforces haram for Islam.Freedom of speech and the speech of dissent is fading. America is in the beginning phases of authoritarianism. Universities are becoming centers of authoritarian knowledge--not centers of analytic and scientific reasoning. Critical or analytic thinking demands looking at all sides of a question. One of the most important questions of the 21st century is how do we deal with political Islam. But no university teaches any subjects on Islamic slavery, the Islamic annihilation of Christianity or Hinduism, Jews as dhimmis, or any suffering that Islam causes. The very basis of all Islam--the Sunna, the Sira (Mohammed’s canonical biography), the Hadith (his traditions) are not taught. Oh, you might study a verse or a hadith, but not a systematic study.

If we speak out against political Islam, we are called bigots. But the charge of bigotry is a morals charge. We, who know, are called immoral. We are not factually wrong, but morally wrong. Why is it that knowing the life and traditions of Mohammed makes someone immoral, while not knowing the Sunna makes you morally superior? Why has ignorance become a valid point of view?

All of the doctrine of Islam is found in the Trilogy of Koran, Sira, and Hadith. If you have not read these then you have not read both the foundation and the entirety of Islam. Why should any official, professor, priest, rabbi, preacher, or media pundit have any right to speak at all until they have read the basic material? Why should ignorance be a leadership quality?

America was founded based on arguments and debates, but now dissent is becoming morally wrong. For example: The New York Times is backing the suppression of Geert Wilder’s movie Fitna. In a shame and a disgrace, the Times condemns the man. They condemn him because he is offensive and insulting. Offensive to whom? Not to me. And they never once asked any questions about whether what he says is true. Truth is no defense against forbidden knowledge, haram. Instead they say he is the equivalent of a European redneck. They attack the messenger and not that facts. They don’t want to know about or look at the facts. Why is it that Islam can be offended, but I can’t? Where are we are we headed here?

I am more afraid of the ACLU and the Federal government than I am of Islam. The Newstate is beginning to act as a partner with political Islam. Whatever political Islam demands, the Newstate will deliver. The Newstate has decreed that ignorance is the acceptable political point-of-view. And those who represent facts and critical thinking will be punished and condemned as moral criminals and enemies of the Newstate.

At this critical juncture, you have two choices. You can choose ignorance, fear and not being a bigot to please the Newstate. This means being a dhimmi (a kafir servant of Islam). There is another path, the path of knowledge, critical thinking and defending your civilization by telling truth about political Islam. You can choose fear, ignorance and cowardice, or you can choose critical reasoning, knowledge and courage. It is your choice. If you choose courage and knowledge, first ground yourself in some of the truth of the doctrine by reading Mohammed’s biography. It is sacred literature and will do more for you to understand Islam more than any other single thing.

Also check out the information on, and join ACT! for America.

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Ignorance as a Political Point of View
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9 February 2009

Tears of Jihad

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mohammed himself was a terrorist - Anwar Shaikh


Anwar Shaikh:- Mohammed himself was a terrorist
Posted by jagoindia on February 8, 2009

Anwar Shaikh on Islamic terror by Koenraad Elst

The answer, Mr. Sheikh argues, is quite straightforward: Mohammed himself was a terrorist, the most authoritative precedent for contemporary Islamic terrorists. To prove his point, he presents long lists of quotations from the Quran, the better-known Hadith (traditions of the Prophet) and also some lesser-known Hadith. In this respect, his book is a treasure-trove of first-hand data on the foundations of Islam and its doctrine of Holy War ( Jihad ).

Numerous canonical statements affirm that the Mujahid or Holy Warrior undoubtedly counts as the best among Muslims, e.g.: “Acting as Allah’s soldier for one night in a battlefield is superior to saying prayers at home for 2,000 years.” (from Ibn-e-Majah , vol.2, p.162) Or: “Leaving for Jihad in the way of Allah in the morning or evening will merit a reward better than the world and all that is in it.” (from Muslim , 4639) Jihad, while not a duty for every individual Muslim, is a duty on the Muslim community as a whole until the whole world has become part of the Islamic empire.

The cult of martyrdom is an intrinsic part of the doctrine of jihad: the martyr “will desire to return to this world and be killed ten times for the sake of the great honour that has been bestowed upon him.” (Muslim 4635) And from Allah’s own mouth: “Count not those who were slain in God’s way as dead, but rather living with their Lord, by Him provided, rejoicing in the bounty that God has given them.” (Quran 3:163) Contrary to a recent tongue-in-cheek theory which reduces the heavenly reward for the fallen Mujahid from 72 maidens to mere grapes on the basis of some Arabic-Aramaic homonymy, a number of Prophetic sayings, in varied wordings mostly not susceptible to this cute Aramaic interpretation, confirm the traditional belief that “the martyr is dressed in radiant robes of faith, he is married to houris (the paradisiac virgins)” etc. (Ibn-e-Majah, vol.2, p.174) This confirms that the suicide terrorists were not acting against Islamic tenets, as some soft-brained would-be experts in the media have claimed. On the contrary, to sacrifice one’s life in a jihadic operation against the unbelievers is the most glorious thing a Muslim can do.

In Jihad, it is perfectly permitted to deceive the unbelievers and subject them to terror. Anwar Sheikh provides all the scriptural references plus many precedents from history, which we cannot reproduce here. Suffice it to say there is ample evidence that Islam permits, and that by his personal example or by that of the men under his command, Mohammed has given permission for abduction, extortion, rape of hostages, mass-murder of prisoners, assassinations of enemies and dissidents, breaking of the conventions of civilized warfare, breaking of treaties, and suicide missions. From Osama bin Laden to the murderers of children in Beslan, North Ossetia, the Islamic terrorists are faithful followers of the Prophet.

Read more here: Anwar Shaikh on Islamic terror by Koenraad Elst

Islamics forcefully take over Hindu Religious Site in Bangladesh

Islamic fascist forcefully setup “Madrasa in the place of historical “Terokota Mondir” at Birgonj,Dinajpur in Bangladesh

The local Government is inactive in protecting the Hindu Minorities in Bangladesh.

By William Gomes

. . . “Terokota Mondir” is located at Birgonj,Dinajpur in Bangladesh . It was donated as a deity property by King Jogodis Chandra Roy in the name of “Shri Shir KantiJew Thakur” Total 16 acer 23 Sotok land was donated by the kind king .

On 16th January 2009 a group of Islamic fascist came in the “Mondir (Temple) and start building the house for ” Al Hera Nurani Talimul Quran Madrasa” the local Hindu devotee protested on that communal attitude. And in 17th Januray 2009 Shri Moti Lal das filed a general diary (GD No:590) in Birgonj ploice station on behalf of the local Hindu devotee narrating the illegal activity of Islamic fascist and demanding to stop the illegal activates of Islamic fascist.

YID With LID: Opportunities Missed; High Prices Paid

YID With LID: Opportunities Missed; High Prices Paid: "Today, however, one thing is clear. Iran, Syria, and Russia, too, are acting in an aggressive manner. Few are willing to confront them decisively. But at least they should be discouraged from believing they can attain easy victories. As they grow stronger, the dangers will become more apparent. Unfortunately, time will also become shorter. And Germany never had nuclear weapons; Iran may well soon"

Be sure to read the whole thing at