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The View of the Future from Europe

From The Green Arrow a British National Party (BNP) site

Note: This has an either/or pointof view, it's either what you see or an alternative that has a "fascist" flavor. There must be a third solution as "Fascism" or "national socialism" that we have seen are not what is needed to replace what we have. Then, neither is Liberal-Leftist Communism.

Strict immigration policies are needed. One can dream can't one? lw

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The Northeast intelligence Network has a U.S. perspective--with emphasis on Islamic infiltration and takeover--on the similar--and growing--problem here in the U.S.A. here's a sample:

The depth of the infiltration is significant and the consequences ominously prescient. Most recent statistics available show that one out of three African-American inmates in U.S. prisons convert to Islam while incarcerated. The type of Islam to which they convert teaches the same ideology as the 9/11 hijackers, which is the “Wahhabi” or “Salafi” form of Islam that originated in and is continually being exported from Saudi Arabia. Scholarly debate of the interchangeability of the terms or the terms themselves aside, it is important to understand that the ideology behind this “fundamentalist” form of Islam is completely incompatible with the culture, politics, and social fabric of the West. Nonetheless, it is being embraced by numerous groups, agencies and individuals inside the United States.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The "Arab World" and its Inhabitants

By Forkinsocket

In America . . . we had all been sufficiently subject to ARAMCO propaganda (performed as a "public service" by the big oil companies, as part of their propaganda payoff to the Saudis for allowing them to find, produce, and then pay exorbitantly for the oil that happens to lie under the malevolent sands of "Saudi" Arabia), to believe that there is something called "the Arab world" and in this "Arab world" there are no Copts, no Armenians, no Assyrians, no Chaldeans, no Turkmen, no Mandeans, no Maronites, and of course no Berbers, no Jews (no, there never were any Jews in North Africa or the Middle East — they all came to Israel, you see, from Europe), for everyone in the Arab world was an "Arab."


The more the non-Arab Muslims of the world, and 80% of the world’s Muslims are not Arab, come to realize — and it would not be hard to help them to realize, for they will not be able to deny the facts, having experienced so much of it themselves — that Islam is a vehicle for that Arab supremacism, the more likely it is that at least some of them will fall away. And others, who may stick with a kind of "non-Arab" Islam (as if such were possible) will, in so doing, at least help to divide, and therefore to weaken, the Camp of Islam.

--Berbers, Islam & Christianity Click to read entire article

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photo from Jihad Watch

IN MEMORIAM à propos because he was here and he was brave

Obituary by Robert Spencer:

With great sorrow I must inform you that Tashbih Sayyed, a courageous foe of the global jihad, has passed away.
--Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch

Click here to read Articles By Tashbih Sayyed See why this was one brave man

Remembering Tashbih Sayyed
by Robert Spencer
Posted on May 24, 2007

My friend Tashbih Sayyed, a Jihad Watch Board member, died last week. When I got the news, I did not have words, and posted only this. Now, on Memorial Day, I wanted to try to make up for that.

Tashbih Sayyed was that most rare of human beings: a man absolutely fearless in his commitment to the truth. After 9/11, American Muslim advocacy groups began, with the willing complicity of the mainstream media, to flood the airwaves with a huge mass of disinformation and misinformation about jihad activity in the United States and around the world, and above all about its provenance within Islamic theology and tradition. Instead of acknowledging that there was a mandate to wage war against unbelievers that was rooted in the Qur'an and Islamic tradition, Islamic spokesmen routinely denied this, and castigated those who contended otherwise as "bigots" and "Islamophobes."Amid all this Tashbih stood virtually alone as an honest man. He stood out sharply among contemporary Muslim spokesmen and activists by admitting that there was a problem within Islam that needed to be solved. As he once told me:

"My whole life is devoted to one end: to make the Muslims understand that their theology needs to be reformed and reinterpreted. Anybody who thinks that there's nothing wrong with their theology is either a blind person or an apologist. There are many things in Muslim Scripture that need to be reshaped and reframed and reinterpreted, so that they cannot be used by terrorists to justify homicide bombings and honor killings."This stance, of course, earned him ostracism and threats, but Tashbih was undaunted. I will never forget his reaction when I asked him whether he thought I should go ahead and write a sira -- a biography of Muhammad -- as I had been considering doing. He said "Of course you should" so quickly that it took me aback: usually when I broached the idea with people their reaction had been to tell me that if I did write such a book I would be threatened and possibly even killed. But Tashbih never flinched. He went on to explain to me that it needed to be done, that the truth needed to come out about these issues -- and clearly that was all that mattered, as far as he was concerned. He knew that if the world was going to prevail against the global jihadist threat, we would all have to take certain risks. And he himself never hesitated to put his life on the line for the truth.Would that now we had hundreds, and hundreds of thousands, and millions like him, with his quiet strength, his good humor, and his indomitable and unshakeable love for the truth. If we did, the outcome of this present conflict would not be in the slightest doubt.Tashbih, I am honored that you called me your friend, and I will miss you tremendously. And the forces of civilization have lost a warrior who cannot be replaced.

Posted by Robert on May 28, 2007 2:05 PM 21 Comments Print this entry Email this entry Digg this Buzz up!

With great sorrow I must inform you that Tashbih Sayyed, a courageous foe of the global jihad, has passed away.

After a long career at Pakistan Television, Tashbih's differences with the Zia ul-Haq regime in Pakistan (which gave the Islamization of Pakistan its first great boost) led him to come to the United States, where he founded two newspapers, Pakistan Today and Muslim World Today, and wrote eight books, including Mohammad – A Secularist's View. He appeared in documentaries including Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. He was the President and founder of The Council for Democracy and Tolerance, an adjunct fellow of the Hudson Institute, and a member of the Jihad Watch Board.

Tashbih was insightful, humorous, and above all, fearless in his opposition to the jihad ideology of Islamic supremacism. Despite numerous threats and a relentless barrage of insults and personal attacks, he kept on trying to awaken the world to the magnitude of the threat we face, never trimming his truth-telling to fit current fashion.

He was a dear friend, and he will be greatly missed.

May his memory be eternal.

Posted by Robert on May 24, 2007 5:02 AM

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[NOTE: For several years I lived down the street from where Tashbih Sayyed has been laid to rest. I regret is that I had not known him in life. Leslie White.]

By Debbie Schlussel
As I’ve oft remarked on this site, the term “moderate Muslim” is generally an oxymoron and a term that rarely fits anyone from the “Religion of Peace.”Occasionally, though, there are exceptions. There are those rare, truly moderate Muslims who courageously speak out–at serious risk of life and limb–against the mass violence, hate, intolerance, and terrorism their religion has uniquely wrought. (And then they have to obtain personal bodyguards, asylum in the U.S., Conceal and Carry permits. and live in fear and danger thereafter.)One of these brave, admirable Muslim exceptions was Tashbih Sayyed, who, very sadly, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday in Los Angeles at the age of 66. He first came to my attention in the early ’90s, when he bravely appeared in the PBS documentary, “Jihad in America.”

ByIslam Watch, Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims
Tashbih was insightful, humorous, and above all, fearless in his opposition to the jihad ideology of Islamic supremacism. Despite numerous threats and a relentless barrage of insults and personal attacks, he kept on trying to awaken the world to the magnitude of the threat we face, never trimming his truth-telling to fit current fashion.

Tashbih Sayyed ― A Fearless Muslim Zionist - Rachel Neuwirth
Tashbih Sayyed's Writings
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How Many Times Do the Islamic Terrorists Have to Hit Us . . . Click on it

Muslim World Today click on it . . . one of Tashbih Sayyed's magazines--Still being published TODAY!

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Leftist Teamed with Moslems Intend to Destroy Our Civilization

Fjordman says:

Next to the EU, the most dangerous people are the Leftists all over the Western world who are waging a Jihad to destroy their own civilization and have teamed up with Muslims to achieve this goal. Unlike neo-Nazis, these people are not only far more numerous but socially accepted and disproportionately represented in the media and the education system, where they systematically silence "racist" dissenters by destroying their livelihoods and reputations. They use an imaginary "far-Right" threat to crush people they don’t like.

--Fjordman, in "Why We Need Germany," at The Brussels Journal
From The Most Dangerous People in the World at Islamic Danger to Americans